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The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel and Whip Body Lotion Review

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It’s been awhile I haven’t post about body care. Have I told u that I’m starting to become fan of The Body Shop Body and Bath Products. This time I made some sort review. Read it to know my experience : )
I bought this pair as parts of The Body Shop Candy Gift Set, which consisted of 4 items including these two. The price of the set was IDR 149.000. The other items are The Body Shop Tea Tree Clearing Face Wash and Toner. Actually I have finished these bottles some months ago (within last year).

 The Shower Gel

I recommend u to buy the full size for better bargain. Because I think it’s more expensive to pay for miniature size, if u looked at the amount of the product we could get.
The packaging is like other Body Shop's travel bottle for these kind of products. They have flip cap and can close tight enough I think, no worry about accidental opening and pouring. The bottles are easy to use, I can control the amount of product I want to dispense.

1. The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel

Pic taken from The Body Shop

Ingredients list from behind the back label

- not too foamy if used by hands, I need the bath lily to make more foam and maximize the cleansing ability. Eventhough using bath lily, I found it so easy to run out compared to other body wash.
- smells like mango but kinda more into synthetic fragrance imo
- Moisturizing, skin feels smooth and soft after use
- need more amount for one usage compared to average body wash so 1 bottle won’t last long
- pricey
- no dry or tight feeling after bath

Thoughts :
Wish the fragrance came from natural source, not synthetic one

2. The Body Shop Mango Whip Body Lotion

The front bottle

 Back side of the bottle contains label

On the product description, The Body Shop Mango Body Lotion claims in targeting very dry skin. The texture is just like standard lotion, not too rich. When I just bought this, my skin was at the driest state. And I found that this not enough. I need something more creamy and rich.

 Bottle when opened

 The label at the back

However, the texture is easy to absorb by my skin. It might felt little sticky at first but it’s not at all after the lotion sunk into my skin. The smell is same with the body wash, it’s so mango, but more into synthetic fragrance. It made me remember the fragrance of some car perfume I ever sniff.
It’s not paraben free for u who concern about parabens inside skincare. It has sun screen property in the ingredients list but it’s in the lower part so I guess it’s very minimum protection. I suggest u to layer it with sun screen if u wanted to go outdoor.

The price for this item alone
But it's not sold separately

Overall, I really enjoy using both Mango Shower Gel and Body Lotion, they made my skin softer and the Shower gel did not dry skin which is really a plus point. The Body Shop bath and body products are good.
As I remember, The Body Shop Mango Body Lotion did not last long. Less than 2 weeks for the body was and less than 3 weeks for the body lotion (I more often using body lotion just for arms, hands and legs/ feet than entire body, he he lazy me). Sometimes I applied body lotion twice a day, the other times just once.

So, what do u think ? Are u The Body Shop user too? What’s ur fave products, tell me : )
Please leave comments, until then see u on my next post,don’t worry be happy n stay pretty!

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