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The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner Review

Hello, dear readers, especially The Body Shop Lovers : )

Meet me again in this blog update. As I said in some of my previous article, I’ll give review about this toner. This is a Toner from famous The Body Shop Tea Tree line. I know many of u maybe already read many review out there about this product. Well, let me add one more into ur reference. I’ll share my experience about this product based on my own point of view. We all know that everyone has different skin condition. 

 This is the front of the bottle

 the back of the bottle

The label

Actually I got this product several months ago (previous year). I bought some gift set consists of The Body Shop Mango Body Lotion and Shower Gel, Tea Tree Facial Wash and this toner. All 4 in mini 60 ml bottle. I remember paying IDR 149.000 for the package. I forgot the price for each item. I decided to try the Tea Tree Facial Wash and this toner because my skin was at the very oily mode with acne popping out and gone frequently.

The Body Shop Tea Tree line is targeting people with total oily until very oily skin with acne problem. If u have normal, sensitive or dry skin, this toner is not for u.

 See the powder on the bottom
U must shake it before use, so the powder can join with the liquid

This toner has 2 components, first the green liquid and then the powder that sits on the bottom of the bottle. U have to shake it so the formula could mixed together in order to use it. I have to say, this one acts good as a clearing toner. This toner removes all trace of residue that missed by facial wash or cleanser. This product also helps to regulate sebum. The smell of this toner is quite strong (tea tree mix alcohol) and 'struck' my nose. I use it on my entire face when my skin was at very oily mode and troubled by acne. But when my skin back to normal, I prefer to use it only for blackhead toner, which I use only on my nose area. This toner has high alcohol percentage so I can’t use it for daily. I have sensitive and combination oily skin. Alcohol is big no no for sensitive skin. And my opinion, alcohol is bad for all skin types and not to be used daily, except for special treatment, for example: curing acne. For blackhead toner I only use it sometimes once in every 3 days or once in a week JUST on my nose. This one has good job for helping to get rid of stubborn blackheads and to tighten the pores.

When my skin was at sensitive mode, I get redness and stinging feeling on my face after applying this tea tree toner. But it's ok for my nose area. Glad that I only bought the mini size. For a blackhead toner, this mini bottle lasts me long enough.
I wish TBS has tea tree toner that does not contains alcohol and other harsh ingredients…

Then, here come the conclusions.
Pros :
- good job at removing traces of cleanser and residue on skin
- helps to dry out pimples
- good as blackhead toner

Cons :
- high alcohol percentage
- strong smell
- does not suit sensitive skin

Repurchase ? Maybe. For the miniature size.

So, what do u think? Are u TBS lover too? What’s ur fave products from The Body Shop?
See u next time n have a nice day : )

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