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Caring Colours UV White Microfine Loose Powder 03 Natural Glow Review

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Gambar diambil dari website Martha Tilaar

This time I would like to talk about one of brand from Martha Tilaar, that is Caring Colours. This brand has 'skincare makeup' theme.
Actually I was looking down at this brand since I have several "not so good experience" in using some of their products.
First, some years ago I tried their fair white range when it was just launched. The fair white moisturizer broke me out and the two way cake was cakey and little oxidized on me. While Fair White foam did not deliver nice after-cleansing effect that I looked in facial wash. Caring Happy lipstick and Sariayu Moistpome lipstick dried my lips.

I was afraid to try more of their product. But days ago I ran out of loose powder and decided to give it a try since I heard many raves about it. I bought it at Puri Ayu Martha Tilaar Shop.

Scanned Front Carton Box

Scanned Back of Carton Box 

Price : about IDR 66.000

It's said to be some microfine loose powder, but to be honest the powder's particles is not that fine. It's hard to dispense powder from it's container holes. I have to open the inner lid to take the powder easier. I don't know if it is because the powder is still in full amount. I think erhalogy loose powder that I ever used up until the last dust is way finer than this one. Too bad that I can't repurchase the erhalogy one because it contains triclosan.

The good thing is this has the shade that can get along well with my skintone.
It is available in 4 shades and 03 Natural Glow is the closest one to my skin colour.
The powder contains moisturizing and skin treatments ingredients. It makes sense why it's kinda 'bound altogether' and not dusty. It is easy to spread and adhered on skin.

Finish : natural, not matte, has soft hint of glowy finish.
Oil control : average.

I would recommend this for people with dry-normal skin. As for oily skin, this powder does not hold excess oil so u may want something else with better oil control.
Sometimes I found that this powder a bit oxidized on my face. Well, maybe depends on the base I use. Too much applying it would be little cakey.

Pros :
- nice packaging
- contains skincare ingredients
- affordable
- big puff
- natural sheer coverage
- has halal certificate from MUI
- the shade can suit most Indonesian skin

Cons :
- average oil control
- can't cover dry patches
- the puff is big but not soft enough imo (I like Erhalogy and anna sui puff better)
- hard to dispense from container holes when product still in full amount
- said to be microfine milled but the fact is not that 'fine'

Repurchase? Well, maybe, if offered in discount price.

What do u think, Girls? What's ur fave loose powder? Share ur experience in comment box, please : )

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