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Banana Boat Ultra Protect Faces Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 UVB PA+++ Review

Hello dear readers

This time, the topic is about sun protection. 2 months ago I was searching for sun screen for face that could last longer when in touch with sweat n water than average product since I was planning to spend holiday at the beach side. Banana Boat came into my thought. I have read that this brand is specialized in Sun Care products. When I was walking into Guardian to shop, the SA offered me this product. It was on sale. The original price is above IDR 100k, I forgot how much exactly but I could buy it only for UDR 70k. So I put it into my shopping bag without examining the information provided on the carton box >.<

The front box

The tube

back of the tube

Scanned carton box
there are product info and ingredients list
click to enlarge the pic

The packaging is tube with brand new seal when I first received it. The plastic material is easy to squeeze and the flip flop cape is tight enough. It has complete information on the box and also the back of the tube.

 This is how the product looks like
it's a white thick lotion

The lotion texture is quite on heavy side. It’s creamy and thick. It is moisturizing to be used on hands and body, but surely way too greasy for my face. Fyi, I have oily combination skin that wouldn’t get along with any creamy or thick lotion/ cream. So, I only could use this as hands and body sun screen, not for my face. There mineral oil derivative on the ingredients list so I definitely could not use it on my face. I usually have breakout when I use product that contains mineral oil and it’s derivatives.

For hand and body sun screen, I have tested it during my vacation and it showed good protection. I played with water and sand under the sun and my skin is well protected, I did not get any redness or sunburn. This lotion formed some kind of protecting film after I applied on my skin. I somehow could notice the ‘protection layer’ after I use it on my hands. The product somehow seems like coating my skin after applied. This product really is water resistant. The formula is sweat proof and splash proof too. I did not swim so I could not say how strong it could last inside the water.
Of course, I also have to reapply to maintain the sun protection. I reapplied after 2,5- 3 hours. Actually the right direction is every after 2 hours and don’t forget to wait about 20 minutes after applying sun screen before going under the sun again.

Pros :
- Water Resistant
- moisturizing
- good sun protection

Cons :
- too thick and greasy to be used on face
- contains quite a chance of pore clogging in the ingredients list
- mineral oil derivative

Repurchase ? No. There are several ingredients list that I don’t like in this sunscreen. I’ll finish this tube and then search for other products that more skin-friendly.

So, girls, are u using anything from this brand? Do share ur thought : )

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