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ZA True White Instant Brightener SPF 30 PA+++ First Impression

Hi, everyone

Around last August, I ended up buying two sunscreen from ZA Cosmetic, this one (ZA True White Instant Brightener) and ZA True White Day Protector. I did not realize that the one titled as Instant Brightener is also sunscreen >.<  I thought Instant Brightener was something like CC Cream which gives instant glow and color correction. I did not know that it also serves main purpose as sunscreen, I thought it's just some product with function as (make up) skin color corrector. ZA has sunscreen moisturizer that I ever reviewed before.

The first top ingredient of this product is Silicone derivative. So if u are sensitive to silicone then better stay away from it. I did not read the ingredients list when I was buying it. 

It is packed with white plastic box and sturdy plastic bottle

It claims to give brightened, beautiful glow finish right after application.


On the first application, I used it in the morning after toner. Actually it's better to apply skincare before using it but sometimes I just too lazy he he... btw it also contains skincare properties so this product has multi benefits. The oil control is average on my oily- combination skin, after 2,5 hours my nose started to show excess oil. The finish could last up to 4- 5 hours when I mostly stayed indoor. It creates brighter, healthier complexion on my skin. It also gives nice glow without feeling greasy. It did correct the dullness on my skin. The formula is easy to settle on skin and blend in and the finish can match my skin color without looking 'too white'.

Actually my skin does not like high percentage of silicone in a product. My skin felt a bit uncomfortable after applying it, when on sensitive mode, or when I often using it (every day). And I assume that it's not a product that I could use for daily suncare. I tried to use it every day and I tended to get tiny zits on my face. So I only could use it once in a while, and the other days I used my other sunscreens including ZA True White Protector which has better tolerance to my skin compared to this product. Too bad since I like the finish of this product.

The smell is in medium level I guess, for me it's not bothering. I hardly describe the scent, but it's artificial with hint of flowery smell, reminds me to some body lotion smell (nivea perhaps >.<), he he... (so sorry I'm bad at describing aroma)

Ingredients list from Indonesia sticker label
Click to enlarge

This is the liquid, the color more into pinkish than creme
Shake the bottle before use
There is also original ingredients list printed on the plastic box
I wonder why they had to put two versions of ingredients list on the same product
Those two have different order of ingredients, just look at it

I bought it on a discount price, it was IDR 92.000. I don’t remember how much the normal price was. Btw my mother tried it and love it, so I gave it to her. She currently use it as her daily sunscreen. She does not have any problem with the percentage of silicone derivative in it. And her skin is not sensitive either. She likes the finish, in her opinion this one is easy to absorb, non greasy and really helpful to correct her skin tone.

Pros :
- Creates brightened, healthier, nice glow and beautiful finish
- Not sticky non oily/ greasy
- Match many skin color well, did not look too white on me
- Good sun protection for daily use, UVA and UVB protectore (if ur skin is fine with the formula)

Cons :
- Silicone based
- Not suitable if ur skin is in the acne prone and sensitive mode
- I can't use it everyday because it tends to give me tiny zits if I use it often

Repurchase? Not for me.

Just sharing, I got some brochures last time I visited ZA counter. I scanned, hope it could help u, Indonesian beauties, just want to share additional info about ZA products.

These below are the other ZA products from True White Range. Click the picture to enlarge.

Click the picture to enlarge
Click the picture to enlarge

Other skincare line from ZA to treat early signs of aging.

Click the picture to enlarge

Other line of ZA make up, the one named Perfect Fit Line

Click the picture to enlarge

Click the picture to enlarge

So, girls, do u have any fave products from ZA Cosmetics? Do u have any suggestion? I'd like to hear from u, until then see u on my next post :)

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