Thursday, 12 September 2013

ZA True White Day Protector SPF 26 PA++ Review

Hello, beauties

Who lives in tropical climate and sun shiny city? Coz I do. That's why I always include sun protection as my daily regimen. One of my common problem with face sunscreen is that many of them tend to be greasy on my oily combination skin. So I browsed a lot to finally decided to try this product. Actually that was the first time I ever shopped on ZA counter when I bought this Day Protector. I got this product along with my purchase for Wardah White Secret Night Cream and Intense Brightening Essence. I don't know why I did not try to browse into this brand long time ago, maybe because this brand had not did many appearance on TV, he he... (Tv commercial victim detected)
I got this in discount price. I only paid about IDR 75.000 (+/-).

The box and the tube

The back side of the box and tube

ZA has little more exclusive package compared to another products in the same price range. The box was made from opaque plastic instead of carton. The box is sturdy enough for a cosmetic box. I appreciate this kind of package because it increases the safety factor of the product inside.
The product it self contained in a slim plastic tube with white color.
The  white plastic tube has bit hint of pearly- like finish on it, u could see it under the light.

Directions of use on the tube

Directions of use on the box

Texture and formula :
The formula is water based. It's like a white lotion with medium consistency. The lotion is non sticky. It has some smell (maybe floral) but it's not the overpowering one.
It is non greasy and easy to absorb. It is pretty lightweight for a sunscreen.

The lotion

Sun Protection :
It offers decent sun protection. I go outdoor a lot in last month vacation and I managed to survive the harsh sun exposure by wearing this sunscreen. It's wise to reapply this sunscreen after couple of hours.
Staying Power :
It gave my face brightened look right after it absorbed into my skin. It corrected dullness a little and gave me healthier complexion. It has whitecast but not the strong one.
Although it gave me some little 'brightener color coverage' (don't know how to call it), but it did not melt while I was sweating.
The oil control on my oily combination skin could be rated from average to good, I had to top it with powder for best result.

The box has two version of ingredients list and directions of use. One written in english and the other is in Indonesian.

Ingredients List on the Indonesian sticker label

Original version of ingredients list printed on the plastic carton along with the product info in English languange

Moisturizer and other properties :
It is a part of ZA true white series so it also has whitening property. It has Vitamin C (brightening function), Vitamin E and mineral for skin treatment.
For those with total oily skin may not necessary to put moisturizer since this sunscreen alone already contains skincare properties. But for those with dry- normal skin should put moisturizer first before applying it.
I've been using this sunscreen for 4 weeks and so far I don't have problem.
I put this under bb cream and it also acted like base. It made my bb cream/ foundation finish appeared better.
About the whitening effect, I guess I hardly notice because I also used other product for lightening purpose. So what I could say is that this product helps to prevent darkening and promote brighter look when I used it.

ZA letter on one side of the box

So, time to sum it all.

What I like :
- good sun protection
- good package
- average to good oil control
- non sticky, non greasy, and easy to absorb into skin.
- does not have strong scent
- available in many Mall in where I live
- water based
- still affordable for my pocket
- did not clog pores
- good to be used as base for foundation/ bb cream without affecting the coverage

What I don't like :
- contains alcohol
- preservative
- little whitecast

Repurchase? Yes.

Overall, I quite satisfied with this product. This is a nice sunscreen and really worth the price.
So, what do u think, Gals? What's ur fave from ZA brand? Are u ZA user too?


Dine Aisah said...

heemmm.. ini semacam SunBlock gitu ya??

Queen D said...

Iya, betul, lebih tepatnya sunscreen sekaligus moisturizer.