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Anna Sui Whitening Lotion Review

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Now, Let's get into the review. Anna Sui Whitening Lotion is part of my mini haul I posted in HERE. I already mentioned the price and how I got it in that post.
First, I have to explain to u that every brand from each country has different 'languange' to call their skincare product. For example, Japanese cosmetic brand may have different order of skincare and different word to call their products compared to Indonesian or Europe brand.
In Indonesian cosmetic brand, if we hear 'lotion' in skincare, we usually refer to light moisturizer in form of lotion, same like what we can think about body lotion. But in many Japanese Brands, such as SK II and Anna Sui, lotion means 'toner'. They labelled Toner product with 'lotion'.

Front side of Anna Sui Whitening Lotion Carton Box

So here I'm reviewing Anna Sui Whitening Lotion. This is a 'toner' from Anna Sui Whitening line.
The order of usage on the web said that it is to be used after facial wash.
When I was buying the Balancing Cleanser, I chose this instead of balancing lotion. Well, I was into whitening product and I heard Anna Sui Whitening Range worth to try. Well, guess I'll try the toner first since mine ran out.

Side view of the carton box, such a gorgeous pattern
Anna Sui really put effort into their packaging even their carton box
I don't have heart to throw it off, I just keep this gorgeous box :)

This toner packed in white carton box which has gorgeous pattern printed on it. When I first opened the bottle, there is transparent plastic seal covered the hole. I always appreciate any manufacture safety seal, so that consumers would be sure of the quality and safety of the product inside. Don't accept if the seal is broken.

The hole of the bottle was sealed with transparent plastic when first opened

Front view of the Anna Sui Whitening Lotion bottle
 What a pretty white bottle :)

The bottle itself is very pretty, colored in white and bit semi transparent so we could see how much of product left inside. The cap is made like rose sculpture and there is rose pattern appears from the bottle. I guess the bottle reminded me of flower vase :)
I would not throw the bottle once it's empty, I'd like to keep it :)

Cute cap in rose shape
actually the white color of the cap has kind of soft pearly finish but my camera could not capture it

 Back side of Anna Sui Whitening Lotion bottle

The texture is watery transparent with Anna Sui signature rose scent, it is claimed to be moisturizing and for all skin types. But if u ask me, I think it's suitable for normal, combination and oily skin. However I would not recommend it for dry skin since it contains alcohol as one of top ingredients. I usually dab it using cotton pad and sometimes using my palm.

The ingredients list

Key Ingredients :
- Vit C derivative, in form of Ascorbyl Glucoside as whitening/ brightening substance
- Rose flower extract, Rose flower water, Rose fruit extract as natural properties for skin treatment (moisture)

The toner absorbed fast into my skin, leaving my skin moisturized and non sticky/ greasy. It has Anna Sui signature rose scent and of course hint of alcohol smell. The smell is in medium level I guess, I still could tolerate it.

The flyer inside the box contains product info and instructions

Here my ways to apply it :
- In the morning I used it after facial wash and before skincare
- in the evening I applied it with cotton after using Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser
- I applied it before using mask sheet
- It could be used as cleansing toner too, dispense it into cotton pad and wipe ur face to get rid traces of dirt. If u use milk cleanser, u could use it after it to remove the residue of milk cleanser.

I've been using this toner for about 3 weeks (when I wrote this review) and so far I did not have any problem with it. Even I could not speak for the product alone since I also use other whitening treatment products, but I could say that this product supported in brightening my skin. It enhances the benefit of other brightening skincare that I apply after. It made my moisturizer absorbed better. I like this product except for the alcohol and price.

Pros :
- easy to absorb
- promotes brightening
- nice scent
- cute bottle

Cons :
- expensive
- alcohol among the top ingredients

Repurchase? Maybe, if Anna Sui sells it in discount price. But next if it runs out, I would like to try their other lotion.

So, what do u think, Girls? Are u Anna Sui user too? What's ur fave products from Anna Sui?

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