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Anna Sui Protective Foundation Primer C Review

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Who has been waiting my review for Anna Sui? Now, I'm back to present it to u : )
So I have mentioned this product previously on my post HERE.

 The box and the tube in rose pattern, it's so Anna Sui

When I asked the SA about sunscreen from Anna Sui, she offered me this product. She said this is base make up which also acts as sunscreen.
At first I was hesitated to buy this product because it contains glitter. Well, since I recently use blush on that has soft shimmer so I kinda avoid any blink2 addition. When I applied it on my hand at the counter for the first time, then I looked closely under the light, the shimmer was quite easy to noticed. But it turned out that the shimmer told different story when applied to my face and then topped with loose powder. It's not too 'blink blink' like I thought before. The SA kindly showed me how to use it.

It only has one shade, that is 200 Lavender purple
 200 is Anna Sui shade number for purple color, it applies for powder too

The finish has soft shimmer but the formula is not oily. Don't worry the shimmer is quite soft, it would give healthy glow without looking like disco ball.
This foundation primer is a part of anna sui 2011 Protective make up line for summer.

 Taken from foreversui

Packaging :
Like some others Anna Sui product, this one has black carton box with rose pattern. The inner side of the box is purple colored.
When I opened it on the first time, there was alumunium seal covering the hole of the tube. Yes, it's something calming to know that this product is manufacture sealed for safety, considering the price wasn't cheap :)
The hole of the tube is pretty tiny, but the tube made of plastic material that easy to squeeze. The tiny size for the tube hole maybe it's to ensure that we could control the amount of product we want to dispense.
The tube has black cap in rose shape, so cute.

Info on the back of the tube 
It's for 12 Months use after opening

First thing that I admire the most from this product is the ability to control excess oil on my face. If u follow my blog frequently, u must know that my skin is oily- combination type which tends to be very oily at the T-zone and area near it, but it is drier on the cheeks especially around my mouth and the edges of my cheeks.
I often experience my make up sliding when I sweat or my face gets oily. I always bring oil control film everywhere. Why I don't prefer film than paper? Because oil control film could absorbs more oil from my face.

It made my bb cream lasted longer than usual. And I used blotting paper less than when I did not wear it.
It has anna sui signature rose fragrance in it, and the scent lingers for some time. The smell would linger longer if u stay indoor.
This primer camouflaged pores and created nice smoother finish on my skin. It helped to even out my complexion. It corrected dullness on my skin. It also pretty sweat proof, it has lavender color and it did not melt while I sweat.

This is how the product looks like

I usually use about less than 2 pea sizes for my entire face and area under my jaw. For those with dry-normal skin, u may want to add moisturizer before applying this primer. But for oily skin like mine, I just need to put minimum amount of moisturizer above it. Sometimes I did not use moisturizer first when I was in hurry. This primer already has skincare properties in it.
Another thing I like from this base is that this also serves main purpose as sunscreen with SPF 38 PA++. Although it contains pretty high number of SPF for a make up base, it almost did not notice Any white cast. It is awesome since most of product with SPF I knew tend to have white cast as the side effect. For cosmeutical comfort and look, it's definitely a good base.
I always doubt that I would find decent sun protection from all in one product, but turned out that I was wrong.

The sunscreen protection is pretty decent. It did protect me under the sun. It prevented redness on my face when I was outdoor, fyi I usually easy to get redness from harsh sun exposure.
This primer is silicone based so I warn u whose skin is in the acne prone mode, it may clog ur pores and exaggerate ur pimples. When my skin was at sensitive mode, I experienced soft stings on some parts of my face after applying this primer. So I only use it when my skin is on the normal mode.

I noticed slight feeling of soft burst of water-like freshness after applying this foundation primer all around my face. Like some other product from Anna Sui Protective line, this one also has cooling down properties inside it. Maybe it's like water encapsulated system in the formula (just my thought).
Since I rarely bought base make up, so I didn't have experience to compare it with other product.

Well, let's sum it up.

Pros :
- offers decent sun protection
- almost no noticeable whitecast
- easy to dry and settled on skin
- good oil control
- gives me healthier, evened out complexion
- makes my make up lasted longer compared when I did not use it
- has moisturizer and cooling down properties

Cons :
- expensive
- silicone based (chance to clog pores for acne prone skin)
- not for sensitive skin

I think it will make a good choice of make up base for oily skin, it really hold the excess oil and longlasting.

Repurchase? Yes, someday. But for next time I want to try another base make up from Anna Sui.


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