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The Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser and Aloe Calming Toner Review

Hi, everyone

These are products that I just finished in the middle of August '13. The Body Shop Aloe Cleanser and Toner. It last for good 4,5 months for the cleanser and about 5 months for the toner.

See the rate on Paula Choice Website. They have good rate : )

Why I bought these products? I'll tell u my reason. Of course I read any good reviews about them.

- this is formulated for sensitive skin (my skin is somewhat sensitive)
- no fragrance and no alcohol (I was reducing contact with skincare containing alcohol)
- no preservative (no paraben and no phenoxyethanol)
- contain aloe (known for its calming function)
- natural ingredients as the key ingredients
- help to moisturize skin

Keep reading to know if they live up to the claims : )

My (almost) empty bottle back then
I've finished it days ago and returned them to The Body Shop store to earn some points reward

What I dislike when I purchased both of these products (cleanser and toner), they are not manufacture sealed. So when somebody could easily open the bottle and dispense some little amount and then put it back to the shelf and no one would know if it's has been opened. No seal to ensure the safety of brand new item. I know that The Body Shop has environmental campaign and reduces the use of box or any plastic seal that may lead to the addition of trash that could pollute earth. But it doesn't have to be this way, eliminating manufacture seal is kind of not wise for product safety for consumer.

1. The Body Shop Aloe Cleanser

This is the bottle

This cleanser is targeting sensitive skin. However I did experience some 'adaptation' from using this cleanser for the first 2 times. My skin was kinda in sensitive mode when I switched my cleanser to this product. At first I felt bit greasy and tiny bit itchy feeling after wiping my face using this cleanser. I was scared that this product might not suit me, but I continue to use it the next day and on the third usage those unpleasant feeling begun to disappear. And turn out that this cleanser became one of the nicest cleanser that I ever used. This cleanser was able to remove my bb cream, foundation, blush on, and it did not sting the area around my eyes and mouth. I used it to wipe my eye shadow and eyebrow liner too. When I wore heavier make up, I just had to use more amount and wiped my face more than 1 times until all those dirt removed.

About the scent, this one non- fragranced, but imo the smell kinda plastic-y. Maybe the smell is the true smell of combination of ingredients inside. Well, some people may not like it, I don't like the smell too, but, it is better than perfumed.

Here is how the cleanser looks like
The texture is lotion with a bit creamy consistency

I usually use it at the end of the day for removing my make up.
Price : IDR 99k
Here is the ingredients list, sorry for the bad condition of the label I scanned

On several reviews, I read that some people think that the cleansing power is poor and some of them experienced clogged pores. Well, it has ingredients that may lead to pore clogging if u are not remove the traces of this cleanser completely. So I very much not recommend to use it alone. I usually followed with facial wash and then toner, or cleansing toner. There is palm oil and glycerin that some people skin may not tolerate it well.

Most of the time, I used it at the end of the day. I wiped/ massaged my face and neck using this cleanser and used cotton pad to remove the dissolved dirt. And then I put some toner on my cotton pad and wipe my face and neck to get rid the traces of dirt. Sometimes I used facial wash after using this cleanser but most of the time no. I was minimizing the usage of facial wash because I read that too much using soap/ facial wash on our face could strip the precious natural moisture on our skin, and this might lead to dryness.

This cleanser is moisturizing and did not dry my skin.

2. The Body Shop Aloe Toner

This product originally serves as cleansing toner. It's the instruction on the bottle sticker.

This is the bottle

Price : IDR 109k

I bought this toner before the cleanser. I usually used it twice a day, morning after using facial wash and before put some moisturizer/ any cream, and in the end of the day following the usage of cleanser.
Same issue with the cleanser, I also experienced some 'adaptation' until the second usage of this product. But after that, this been one nice toner I ever tried.

The Aloe Toner ingredients list
it's pretty simple

Side view of the toner bottle
The bottle is semi transparent soft green, u can see the amount of product inside

The texture of this toner is watery, I mean just like using some water on our face. It's kind of 'neutral', what I mean is this toner is not the moist kind of one, but not the mattifying one. It helped to calm down my skin. By using Aloe toner and cleanser, the sensitivity of my skin is regulated. However I still felt some slight moisture effect from this toner. Yes, oily skin like mine is easy to tell even the slightest level of moisture contained by some product : )

About the scent, this one has similar smell with the cleanser, but it's just some slight smell that would soon disappear.

Sometimes I used Tea Tree Toner for my T-zone and Aloe for the rest of my face and neck

This is been nice toner for couple months of the usage. I would say that it's recommended.

I will talk about The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner in the separate post. Yes, I sometimes combine Aloe toner with the tea tree one when I have pimples or white/ blackheads invasion.

I would suggest this pair of The Body Shop Aloe Cleanser and Calming Toner for :
- dry, normal and combination skin (total oily skin may find the cleanser too creamy)
- sensitive skin
- those who search for non alcohol, non fragrance and non paraben cleanser and toner

Here is some tips about using cleanser. Let the product formula takes care of removing make up and dirt on ur face, not the power of ur hand : ) so u just have to wipe ur face softly, avoid rubbing hard on ur skin. I said this, because I found many girls have habit to rub hard on their faces when removing make up. Remember, beauties, be gentle on ur skin. Often rubbing hard on ur skin may cause ur skin more prone to irritation.

So, I guess that's enough I can say. This pair is good and worth the money.
Repurchase? Yes, someday I'll see them again on my shelf. They've been nice experience for me.


Dine Aisah said...

The body shop emang produk yang keren :)
Aku pake yang VIT E Cleanser..

Queen D said...

Iya, lumayan cleanserny TBS, habisnya lama lagi he he Pengen nyobain yg vit e cleanser jg, non alkohol jg kan.
Salut ma tbs, cleanserny tetep lumayan daya bersihny meski non alkohol

Anonymous said...

jadi galau nyari toner yang ada aloe vera nya...

TBS non alkohol, tapi aloe nya ada di urutan paling akhir..

Wardah WS soothing lotion, aloe nya ada di urutan ke 2 setelah water, tapiiii ada alkoholnya...

bingung... hahaha...

Queen D said...

Mizha : harga wardah WS lebih murce daripada TBS, kurang dari separonya : )
kalo menurutku si, masih lebih skin-friendly tonernya TBS dibanding wardah ws soothing lotion. Aq lebih prefer yg TBS he he
tergantung selera, suka2 aja :)

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