Monday, 30 September 2013

Etude I Need You, Red Ginseng! Mask Sheet (First Impression)

Hello, dear readers

This time I make quick post about another sheet mask from Etude House. The mask sheet dimension is similar to another Etude mask, taht is I Need You Mask Green Tea that I posted before.

There is soothing and calming sensation when I wear it, and also cooling feel on my skin. I curious if part of the cooling effect came from alcohol inside it, he he but don't know...

The smell is somewhat fresh botanical/ herbal plant smell, with hint of ginseng and mixed with alcohol.

There is leftover essence on the sachet. I used it to massage my neck and hands.

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After usage, I saw my skin slightly brightened, fresher and more alive than before. My redness also diminished. I think this mask helped to calm down my skin and reduce the stress on it.

Pros :
- cooling sensation
- soothing and calming effect
- slightly brightening effect
- reduce redness

Cons :
- alcohol and perfume
- the smell

Repurchase ? Probably yes. I like the after effect.

So, what's ur fave mask from Etude House?


Mizu said...

I haven't tried any masks from them but would probably try it some day. I wonder why most masks from Korea have alcohol in most of the masks. Any clues? I think the ginseng will be a great help for skin. Glad that it worked for you!

Queen D said...

hello mizu, sorry for the late reply, I just open my blog today. Yes, me too wish korean products minimize their alcohol usage. If I remember correctly, alcohol is a solvent in cosmetic, that's why it's widely used.

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