Monday, 2 September 2013

Wardah White Secret Part II Exfoliating and Soothing Lotion Review

Hello, everyone

Wardah White Secret Exfoliating and Soothing Lotion

Who's curious about the rest of the product in Wardah White Secret line? Keep reading if u want to know : )
Now I'm gonna talk about some of their night treatment. Here I'm reviewing Wardah White Secret Exfoliating and Soothing Lotion.

Price :
- Wardah White Secret Soothing Lotion = IDR 45k
- Wardah White Secret Exfoliating Lotion = IDR 65k
Where to buy : Matahari Dept. Store

The Products Description and info on the package :

1. Wardah White Secret Exfoliating Lotion

The back of the exfoliating lotion bottle

2. Wardah White Secret Soothing Lotion

The front view of soothing lotion bottle

The back side of the bottle 

Ingredients list

I started to use those lotions on 14 until 28 august 13. I used them almost every night. And then I started to use Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser on 29 August 13 and I ceased the use of Wardah White Secret Exfoliating and Soothing Lotion. I planned to use them again in rotation with my other cleanser (Anna Sui one). Maybe next I'll use them 2 or 3 times a week and the rest of the week I'll use my other cleanser.

These two product are to be used only at night. Yes, u read me right, ONLY at night. Those product are meant to be applied after cleanser and or facial wash and before using the serum and night cream.

Here is my order of usage :
Cleanser -- > Facial Wash -- > White Secret Exfoliating Lotion -- > Soothing Lotion -- > White Secret Serum - - > White Secret Night Cream

But mostly I used them like this :
Cleanser (including eye and lip remover) -- > White Secret Exfoliating Lotion -- > Soothing Lotion
White Secret Serum - - > White Secret Night Cream

I suggest to immediately apply the soothing lotion right after u wipe ur face with the exfoliating one. So ur skin could quickly calmed down right after being exfoliated.
White Secret Exfoliating Toner helped to remove dead skin cells, and whiteheads. While Soothing Lotion did its job to cool and calm down my skin.
The cleansing performance of the exfoliating lotion is pretty good. It took away the traces of residue from my skin. My skin surface felt softer and smoother after usage.
Both of the lotion are moist type so I don't think oily skin would like it. I have combination-oily skin and I felt those product little too moist for me.

The SA said that soothing lotion also can be used in the morning. I ever tried it but it turned out to be bit greasy so I never applied it in the morning again.
I have to remind u all. The exfoliating lotion is not for those with sensitive skin. When my skin was in sensitive mode, I usually experienced redness after using it.
So I only use the exfoliating lotion when my skin is in normal mode.
I always used the exfoliating lotion in minimal amount. It would be unpleasant for my skin if I applied generously.

Both of them are moist in texture and a bit thick to be called watery.
They have same scent/ fragrance as other products in White Secret line. Somewhat fruity and sour. The smell kinda bothering me because it's strong imo. Like pouring some fragrance onto my face >.<
If u use these product, u must wear sunscreen at least SPF 15 in the morning and everytime u go outdoor under the sun. Like when u use another products with AHA.
The bottles are not transparent so I can't see how much product inside. Those lotion have the same color, they're almost clear and transparent.

So, let's sum it.
Pros :
- removes dead skin cells and dirt good
- affordable price
- 1 bottle can goes for long time
- available locally in Indonesia
- made my skin surface smoother after usage

Cons :
- fragrance
- not suitable for sensitive skin
- a bit greasy feeling after usage

Repurchase? No. I don't think I like those lotions. Besides, 3- 4 steps cleansing in the night kinda too much for me.

So, what do u think, girls?


Anonymous said...

pengen nyoba 2-2nya ah... mau beli ini kemaren lupa mulu... :P

Queen D said...

Kalo mizha kulitnya ndak sensitif, ya monggo dicoba : ) he he
kalau saya mungkin cuma mau ngabisin 2 botol ini terus ndak bakal beli lagi he he soalnya mau ganti yg lain yg ngga terlalu kenceng baunya

asihsri said...

apakah exfoliating ini bisa untuk mengatasi blackhead yang membandel?

Queen D said...

Halo, maaf baru balas, soalnya uda lama ga buka blog.
Kalo blackhed itu biasanya si saya scrub lalu saya pakai porepack.
Kalau hanya sekadar toner begini saya rasa kurang mempan.