Monday, 2 September 2013

Etude Dr. Ampoule Dual Mask Sheet (Brightening Care) First Impression


Today, I’ll tell u my first experience trying Etude House Dr. Ampoule Dual Mask for brightening care. I used it about 2 days ago at night before bed. I never tried this kind of mask before. The item consists of 2 step. Step 1 is the serum in sachet, and then step 2 is the mask sheet.
I bought it along with Etude Eye and Lip Remover. There was 75% price cutting for second purchase at Etude official counter in Lenmarc Mall. And I got it just for around IDR 22k (from normal price IDR 88k).

This is the Mask Sachet

The back of the sachet

The serum
The serum texture is more watery and runny compared to the mask essence. It was easy to absorb into my skin. I massage it on my face before putting the mask. The serum sachet contains 2 ml and it is too much for one usage.
This is the mask sheet

The hole for mouth and eyes are really small. I had to stretch in order to fit my mouth and eyes area. Don't let the essence of the mask gets too close to ur eyes because it will irritate ur eyes. I experienced my eyes reddened while using the mask because the essence got too near to my eyes.
The amount of mask essence is more than what could be absorbed by the mask so there some left in the sachet. I used the remained essence for my neck, the back of my neck, under my neck and my hands : )
The texture of the mask liquid (essence) has gel-y consistency, and it's kinda slime-y.
The mask has noticeable alcohol-y scent. But I still could tolerate it. I let the mask about one hour on my face until the most of essence absorbed before taking it off.

Ingredients List (Click to zoom it)

My skin felt moisturized after use. I noticed slight brightening effect when I woke up in the morning and my skin looked more plumped and fresh. It helped to remove the tiredness and dullness from my look. My skin felt supple and hydrated. I love it.

Well, think that's enough for my story.
Will I repurchase this mask? Yes. It was nice experience using it. But I'll buy when Etude gives promo or I'll find the ready stock via online shop, he he... 
Etude normal price at Indonesian counter is very overpriced. Their skincare cream in Indonesian official counter even beat the price of Anna Sui skincare as the luxury brand, can u believe that... >.<

So, what do u think? What ur fave Etude product?

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