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Ponds Flawless White Lightening Day Cream SPF 18 PA++ (First Impression)

Hello, Ladies n Gents

Here I came back with whitening review session. Actually, I was pretty late to post this article. I should be posting it several weeks ago.

Ponds Flawless White Packaging

Product Info
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Ingredients List
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I bought and tried this product between end of June to July, I did not remember >.<
I was so curious since the launch of reformulated Ponds Flawless White Day Cream. The commercial said that Ponds Institute had developed Gen- Activ formula that promised more advanced whitening result.


I got the mini jar version in plastic

It has inner lid

This cream is claimed as non- oily as what I could read in the carton box.
The commercial was everywhere, It gave same promises, 7 days whitening result. Oh, come on, Girls... Did u believe it... Coz I did not >.<
I thought the commercial was exaggerating.

This is how the cream looks like
I took the pic several days after buying it

This cream gave me instant brightened look right after applied on my face, but it's temporary. When I started to sweat or my face produced oil, the 'white color' would sink into my actual skin color. But for normal- dry skin, the instant brightened effect might last longer.

My bare face, low res pic, sorry

Sorry for the low res photo
Right after using Ponds Flawless White Day Cream
See my skin looks instanly brightened :)

The texture is similar to previous version of Ponds Flawless White Day Cream but it felt slightly difference. I could not describe exactly, but I felt the new one is more solid in texture. The texture is not rich type but more into 'dry'. The cream absorbed and settled on my skin really quick.
I felt little warm sensation on my skin after applied it on first time, and bit redness. Think the formula little harsh on my skin. I continued the use the next day, the redness still appeared although less than before.

About half an hour later I noticed my face felt bit more oily than usual. I always knew how it's feel when oil glands on my skin triggered. Yes, I don't think this cream would suit for oily skin. It turned out to be bit greasy after half an hour on my skin.
I kept using it for maybe 5 times before giving it to my mom. I never felt comfort whenever I used it. I was sure my skin could not stand this product. My mother's akin is not sensitive type, unlike mine. So she did not experience sign of irritation like I did.

The smell of this cream is the same with previous flawless white day cream. It's very perfumed. The smell is very strong and lingers for a while. I could smell strongly from 1 metre distance. Felt like putting fragrance on my face >.< U who don't like strong perfume in skincare better back off from it.

My mom already used all of it. She started to use it on Early July. The jar lasted for more than one and half month in her case. She normally applied it twice a day, in the morning and afternoon. This cream gave her slightly brightening result and lightened some of her brown spots. When the jar ran out, she asked me to buy from another brand, and not this one.

The price of this jar is IDR 16.900, I bought it at Indomaret Swalayan.

Pros :
- affordable price
- easy to get locally where I live
- gave lightening result on my mom
- Contains sun protection

- heavily perfumed
- little too harsh for my sensitive skin

Well, every product might react differently on every person. So it did not work on me, does not mean that it won't work on u. If u have dry-normal skin, don't have sensitive skin, and look for affordable lightening product, maybe u can try it if u want. I just provide info and sharing some honest opinion. So, I'm neutral here.

Actually, there are products that I like from Ponds. It's their facial wash, especially those targetting pores cleansing. And also their 2 layer shake and clean cleanser, which I have reviewed previously.
Ponds has good range of facial wash.
Too bad that I did not find some match in their face cream.

Repurchase? No.

So what do u think, readers? Have u tried it too?

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