Friday, 4 October 2013

Etude House Dear Girls Lip Balm Review

Hello, dear readers

It's been a while I haven't post about lip balm. Well, this post is about one of my favourite brand Etude House. Since the ads of this product came out, I've been dying to try it. It came into Indonesian store pretty late and I just had the chance to buy it last month ago. I always wanted to try Etude lip balm and I heard this one is raved so much out there.

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Actually there are 3 options of it. I chose #01 Full Nutrition. It does not have color or glitter and it is claimed to have the most nutrition among others on the same line. Based on some info on the internet, it targets very dry lips. Since I did not look for color or shimmer, and I needed as much as nutrition for my dry lips, so I chose this one. And for ur info, among the three, only this one (#01 Full Nutrition) that could be used as lip mask in the night.

How to use it as lip mask?
Scoop more amount of it than when u use it as lip balm. Then apply it evenly on both lower and upper lips. Let it stay all night and go to bed. U can rinse it in the morning and it would leave u softer lips surface. :)

Packaging :
This lip balm is contained in little can and plastic manufature sealed when I first bought it. Actually I prefer chapstick version than this kind of packaging because of the hygiene issue. I avoid finger contamination so I just put my lips on the lip balm and slide it along the surface, and then spread the balm on my lips evenly using finger. So my finger did not dig into the lip balm can. However the can is easily opened and closed, it's some good point.
The lip balm can is printed with cute pattern, mirror, flower and ribbon, every cute things that girls usually have. I gave etude thumbs up for the cute design. But the can material seems to have 'a bit cheap looking' for me. I prefer good plastic material or glass compared to can.

The smell is medium level of lemon scent. The lemon scent is so artificial imo. Actually I prefer non perfumed product but I guess it's still tolerable. The texture is thick and quite moisturizing. The finish is more into glossy and colorless. It will add moisture barrier on ur lips after u apply it. For me, it's a decent moisture bank for my lips. The moisture effect could last pretty long time, maybe 4-5 hours in my case (indoor with little eat and drink) so I would not have to reapply it too soon. Some of u may consider that the texture is sticky and so moist. It's good to be applied before lipstick. It creates barrier on lips and seems to fill into lines so my lipstick could appear smoother. But it also adds little glow/gloss to ur lips. So if u wear it prior to using lip color, it would give little glossy look.
When I used it before my Etoinette lipstick, it made the lipstick finish better and less sink into lines, but looked more glossy.
There was a 'warm' feeling on my lips surface for the first 3 usages, maybe my lips was in adjustment with this product, well I was not sure.

One thing that become serious down side for me about this product is the absence of ingredients list and product information on the packaging. How would I know what it's made of... How would I know if there's ingredients I'd want to avoid...
Oh come on Etude House, u gotta be kidding me this time, for a well known brand like Etude, at least customers deserve to know about the ingredients list.

What I like :
- very moisturizing
- long lasting moisture retention on lips surface
- cute pattern on the package
- worked good as lip mask
- managed to cure my dry lips

What I dislike :
- the absence of ingredients list and product info on the packaging
- the can jar packaging
- sticky and glossy texture
- artificial scent (perfumed maybe)

Repurchase? Not this one but for other varian Etude lip balm.
So, dear girls, what do u think?


Mizu said...

Ha. The ingredients list missing would have gotten me. That's weird that it wasn't on there. Great review btw!

Queen D said...

Hello, Mizu
It's too bad that famous brand like Etude hides the ingredients list in some of their lip products. Wish they will be more open to their customers.