Monday, 30 September 2013

Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser (Cleansing Lotion) Review

Hi, dear readers

I come back to post again. This time is about Anna Sui Cleanser. 

Product name :
Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser

Front side of the carton box
It has purple- blue rose pattern, so beautiful, can't throw it off :D

This is one of the latest addition in Anna Sui skincare range, the balancing line. This cleanser targeted all skin types.
The normal price in the counter is IDR 275.000. So much expensive for a cleanser, don't u think? Yes, I do think so. But I was really curious to try it since I read many positive reviews about it. This is a one step cleanser. If u have been following my blog from the beginning, u must know about how I really admire one step cleanser (all in one cleanser if possible). A product which I don't have to go to bathroom just to clean my face, and I don't have to do double cleanse, certainly I would go for it.

The leaflet found inside the box

The instruction on the leaflet found inside the box

This product was supposedly paired with the Balancing Lotion, but I did not buy the pair. I bought the Whitening Lotion instead of the Balancing one.

The Carton Box

Packaging :
It has lovely purple double layer carton box, so thoughtful to ensure it's safety since the product was not cheap. The bottle is so cute and purple. It has a pump and cap. I like the idea of using pump with cap since it become more hygienic.

The front side of the bottle
It has rose ornament :)

The back of the bottle

It has no manufacture seal or sticker, maybe because it has pump. The purple bottle has rose ornament on it like other Anna Sui bottle.

Here is how it's looks like when the bottle cap opened

The pump

- Ingredients list
This cleanser contains alcohol  so for skin that dry and sensitive to alcohol, better avoid it.

Ingredients list on the carton box

- Texture, scent and color
The texture is light lotion, medium moisturizing, has white- linen milky color. It has bit strong Anna Sui rose signature scent.

The lotion dispensed on the cotton pad

- Feeling on my skin
It leaves my skin moisturized after usage, and it's non greasy.

- Cleansing power n after cleansing effect
It managed to get rid of bb cream, foundation and color make up good. If I wear heavier make up, to remove it completely, I have to use lot of amount of it. It did not dry my skin, on the contrary it moisturizes my skin without making any greasiness. In the end of the day, I used it and then followed by toner, but sometimes when I was lazy I used it alone and then go to bed, he he :)

- Skin tolerance
I have used this product for about 4 weeks so far I like it. It did not irritate or cause any imbalance for my skin. I can say that my skin has good tolerance with this product.

- Benefit for skin
It has skincare properties from rose extract. It is moisturizing and non drying for my skin. It does not break me out or causing trouble on my skin.

Here are my summary

What I like :
- Water based and medium to lightweight lotion consistency
- did not break me out
- one step cleanser
- did not dry my skin
- remove my make up well
- cute packaging
- safe bottle with pump and cap, won't easily spilled by accident
- not travel friendly
- can be used for mascara remover
- non greasy

What I don't like :
- expensive
- preservatives
- alcohol

Who may like it :
- fan of Anna Sui cute packaging
- fan of quick cleansing product
- don't mind alcohol and fragrance
- don't find it expensive

Who may not like it :
- live far from Anna Sui Counter
- don't like alcohol and perfume in skincare
- find it too expensive

Repurchase? Maybe, if Anna Sui sells it in discount price, he he :)

Overall, this is good cleanser, and I'm pretty satisfied. I can save my time to do make up cleansing.
So what do u think?

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