Monday, 23 September 2013

Wardah White Secret Part III (Day Cream Review)

Hi Dear Readers,

Pardon me for lack of update. To make it up to u readers, tonight I post 2 articles. I don't know when I'll be updating this blog again in this week.
Now I'm gonna continue my posting about Wardah White Secret line, this time is about the Day Cream. I prefer this Day Dream instead of the tinted one because the tinted one clearly mentions mineral oil in the ingredients list. But it turns out that I got slipped in this one too. Because this Day Cream is including C13- 14 Isoparaffin in the ingredients list, that substance is also one of the kind of mineral oil derivatives or alliance. But however, I already bought and used it for more than 1 month, so let me just make some review about it.
The texture is soft and moist. It has white color. It smells like the night cream, the smell is somewhat fruity- sour. The smell is quite strong in my opinion. Felt somewhat sticky at first when I touched it but when absorbed into skin, it's not sticky anymore.

 The jar

In my case, it's good to apply it under matte or semi matte bb cream/ foundie because it made the finish better. I used Etude Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF 50. It moisturizes my skin pretty well and maybe that's why my semi matte bb cream could appear better. Well, foundation or bb cream would create better and smoother finish on moisturized skin instead of dehydrated/ dry flaky skin.
I would not use it alone, I usually top it with bb cream or sunscreen that has good oil control or the mattifiying one.
If I used it alone, my skin became oilier than usual.

There is inner lid

Here is the cream

My suggestion is, even this product already contains sunscreen in it but it's best to top it with product which has decent sun protection. The sunscreen properties in this cream is not clearly written how many SPF in it.
Sometimes when my skin is in the acne prone mode, I got 2 little pimples after using it. So I won't recommend it for acne troubled skin.
Well, I was not using it everyday, sometimes I ceased the use for one day or more and then used it again the next day.

The Carton Box
click to enlarge to read the ingredients list

Since it contained isoparaffin aka mineral oil derivative, so I also used it for my neck and the back of my neck, hoped that it would soon run out, so I could switch to other product, he he... however it's already run out now.
I have used it for more than 1 month and I couldn't speak for this product alone because I used the other products from white secret series.
But I could say that this cream managed to moisturize my skin and made my skin suppler.
Now, I'm done with it, I used it until the last drop.

Empty Jar, I've finished it.

What I like :
- moisturizing
- affordable
- nice jar (the plastic jar is thick)

What I don't like :
- strong fragrance
- contains isoparaffin aka mineral oil substance
- made my skin oilier if used alone

Repurchase? No. I better look for other day cream that does not contain any mineral oil substance.

If u have no problem with mineral oil or perfumed skincare, and looking for some decent whitening moisturizer, u can go for it.

So, I hope I have described it well enough for u. Thank u for reading my blog and have a nice day :)

Btw lately I finished watching Gentlemans Dignity, seems like my crave for Korean movies arised again he he... I'm taking a break from Western TV Series. My mom also into this Korean hype, she become a fan of Korean bb cream and Korean Serial Drama too. She has finished Moon Embracing The Sun in less than 1 week, now she is watching Dong Yi. If u like Korean TV series maybe u can recommend me some? ^^

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