Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wardah White Secret (Night Cream and Intense Brightening Essence) First Impression

Hello, Beauties

Like I’ve mentioned before, lately I’m interesting to dig into Indonesian local brands. It’s not that I’m no longer drown my self into Korean brand, but lately I read so much raves about products from Indonesian local brand. So I decided to browse it. 

White Secret I bought
The price :
White Secret Night Cream = IDR 75.000
White Secret Intense Brightening Essence = IDR 75.000
White Secret Soothing Lotion = IDR 45.000

 The brochure inside the box (back)
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  The brochure inside the box (front)
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After read blog about Halal Beauty, that matter knocked my consciousness. For ur info, I am a moslema, and my religion has absolute rule about halal (may) and haram (forbidden). It’s applied to anything we eat and use on our body. So the concern about Halal Cosmetic is important for me.
As Far as I know, Wardah is the first Indonesian Brand that put Halal Beauty as its theme. The second reason why I interested in this brand is I heard that most of Wardah skincare products are less alcohol. Me having sensitive skin, of course I need to avoid alcohol in my face products as much as possible.

So this is the latest line from Wardah. It’s Wardah White Secret. I heard so much raves about it. Well, it’s not yet on their official website (the date this post made) but it’s already available in some of their counter. Previously, several years ago Wardah has launched its whitening line, that is Wardah Lightening Series which consists of skincare and two way cake. 

The White Secret is their premium line. The price range is above their other lines. This line has more complex ingredients and targets to give more benefit for skin than the previous lightening series.
Actually I want to buy the facial wash, cleanser, day cream, essence, night cream, and their soothing lotion. As for the exfoliating lotion, scrub, and tinted day cream, I’m not very interested in. Too bad that White Secret likely to sold out in almost all Wardah counter I went to in Surabaya, couldn’t find one place that has complete stock of it. Yeah, it's a new line, just launched, no wonder its sold out, there are many beauties can't wait to try it, including me. I only managed to get 3 of the items I planned to buy. When I bought the night cream and essence on Matahari Dept. Store Tunjungan, they're the last one in stock. The SA said that the items will be back in stock next month. Well, guess I was still lucky to get the best seller items in this line.

I have been using the night cream and essence since 6 August 2013 (last week from the date of this post). I haven’t opened the soothing lotion because I still have my TBS aloe toner. Now, I want to share my impression after several days using the night cream and essence.

1. Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence

This is the package
The back of the tube

See the semi transparent gel on the tube hole, that's how the product looks like

This is the carton box
Click to zoom
Please read the direction of use carefully
It came with long and slim tube. The shape reminds me to Ponds Flawless White Serum that I ever tried some years ago. The texture is semi transparent gel- like formula. It’s lightweight, easy to absorb and non sticky. Again, the texture reminds me to old version of Ponds Flawless White Serum that I’ve ever short reviewed in THIS POST. But they’re not having same smell.
It’s good thing that this product came in tube so it’s more hygienic, and less contamination with air and finger.
I like this kind of texture. It’s not oily at all. This product is to be used only at night.
The smell of this essence is the same with the night cream, but not as strong as.
I like this serum, it absorbs without trace, and not greasy, even when I apply on generous amount.
This serum is moisturizing too. 
My order of usage :
Cleanser (followed with or without facial wash) -- > Toner -- > Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence -- > Wardah White Secret Night Cream

2. Wardah White Secret Night Cream

There is second cap inside

This is how the cream looks like

Wardah White Secret Night Cream Carton Box
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Please read the direction of use carefully

The smell is stronger than the Essence. Actually I don’t like perfumed skincare, especially the strong one. The texture is moisturizing and bit rich, has kinda bit gel cream- like texture when applied on skin.  I feel that it’s bit too rich for the preference of my oily combination skin, but still tolerable. I like how it also hydrates my dehydrated skin. The smell is not flowery type, somehow it's kinda fruity- sour one. It needs a while before absorbs into my skin. I usually massage it a little to make it absorbed well.
A little is enough for my face and neck so I guess this jar will last me long enough.

Since I did not get the day cream, I used Wardah Lightening Day Cream Step 1 in the morning and followed with sunscreen. I’ll talk about the lightening day cream in separate post.

After several days using them, I feel my skin texture is getting better. They moisturizes my dehydrated skin. Makes me  wake up with suppler skin. I just tried them in several days since 6 August and I notice little brightening effect, my post acne marks start to fade. Guess  I will continue using it until that tube and jar run out.

If u want to try White Secret creams and essence, please take these note and caution :
- If u're suffering from many pimples on ur face, please cure ur pimples first (using acne treatment product) before trying this line. Because this is whitening line, and the night cream is bit rich, so it may aggravate acne on ur skin.
- if u have oily or super oily skin, use the creams in light layer, don't put too generous amount of it because it may make ur skin oilier.
- This white secret main purpose is whitening, so when using this line u MUST wear sunscreen at least SPF 15 on the daytime.   
- Since this line contains AHA, so please avoid sunlight during the usage of White Secret. Me too, gotta stay in the shade and not playing under the sun >.< This is the rule of using AHA.
- If u have ur sensitive skin acting out (redness, itchiness), I suggest to wait until ur skin back to normal. Because I'm not sure whitening products will suit troubled sensitive skin. Or u could just try a little to test whether ur skin can tolerate it or not.

For first impression, I guess these products are worth the bucks I paid for, nice and affordable. It helps to soften, and makes my skin suppler, and more brighter.
Btw, I'm not doing commercial here, I'm just sharing my thoughts. This brand is an option if u look for Halal, good and affordable products.

So what do u think, beauties ?


Sekararum said...

Aku sempet nyobain milk cleanser, scrub & tonernya white secret. Gara-gara iseng aja pas nginep dirumah sodara ada yang punya. Terus paginya jerawatan aarrgghhh. Dua bijik T.T. Padahal aku termasuk yang jarang banget jerawatan lho. Karena kandungan apanya yak, yang bikin jerawatan?

Queen D said...

mungkin milk cleansernya terlalu rich buat kamu kali, jeng, ato ada bahan2 tertemtu yg kamu ngga cocok di tonernya. Aq blm kesampaian nyona milk clns-nya sih, benernya pengen beli cuman belum nemu stok. Tapi klo denger kamu jadi jerewian, jiper juga rasanya mau coba >.< nti pengen colek2 dulu di konter kalo pas ada tsternya he he

Sekararum said...

Milk cleansernya itu encerrr banget lhoh. Lebih encer dari ponds white beauty milk cleanser. Iya nih, kayaknya sih tonernya. Soalnya kalau toner kan nempelnya lama, nggak dibilas gitu langsung templok pelembab *sotoy*
Kalau udah gini agak2 gemes juga aku, knp ga dr dulu2 belajar soal kandungan dalam kosmetik ><

Queen D said...

lhoo, cleansernya malah encer to, hmm... coba kapan2 mau ceki2 konter wardah lg. Kamu pakai tonerny yg apa, Jeng? kan ada 2 macem tu yg exfoliating ama yg soothing lotion.
Aq punya keduanya cuman belum aq tes bener2. baru coba pakai sekali aja tadi malem. Yg keras itu kayaknya exfoliating lotionnya, Jeng.
Setahuku dari bookletny kedua toner/ lotion itu cuman buat dipakai malem hari aja. Jadi double step gitu. Habis cleanser trus exfoliating dulu baru terakhir yg soothing lotion trus br krimnya.

inna christna said...

dari rangkaian WS saya baru punya day cream, exfoliating lotion, exfoliating scrub, sama cleansernya. nah.. setahu saya di WS ngga ada toner sis, yang ada cleansernya kayak cleanser milk, kalo dari cara membersihkan saya lebih sukanya toner lightening series, tapi kalau yg cleanser WS lebih ke melembabkan