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Natasha (Dr. Fredi Setyawan) Moisturizing Lip Balm With Sunscreen Protection Review

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The carton box

Have u ever visited beauty clinic before?
Well, about three years ago I went to Natasha Dermatology Clinic to cure my acne. But now I don't do facial treatment there anymore.
Natasha is quite famous in Indonesia. They have branches in many cities.

Lip balm has been my primary need for the last couple of years. When I was in highschool, I seldom use it. When I attended college, I sometimes use it alone, when I was not planning to wear lipstick. Actually I did not like to layer products on my face especially on lips.
But as my age turns older, and for years I've been doing bad habits for my health (fast and junk food, less drinking water, lack of sleep, being in polluted area) and the result can be seen on my skin and lips condition. Since I graduated from college, my lips problem often appears. Started from dark pigmentation, dryness and then flakes.
I have sensitive skin and unfortunately my lips too. I can't wear just any product on the drugstore, my lips is very picky.

I have tried many brands for lip treatment, spent some money with no result until one day I found one product that I finished until the last swipe of it. That occured on 2010, when I still regularly visited Natasha Skincare Clinic. The Dermatology Clinic was very famous in the city where I lived back then. When I picked my recipe, the counter lady suggest me to buy this lip balm. The first version I bought was packed in a slim tube and only cost me about IDR 25k. The lip balm lasted for good couple of months. It managed to restore the health of my lips. It brought back the natural color of my lips and erased darkening on my lips. It also cured dryness and flakiness on my lips. Very worth every penny of it. I was thinking of repurchasing it. But then I moved to another place where I could not find any near Natasha Clinic from my new home. Then I ended up trying one brand to another.

Last month I decided to repurchase it when I walked in PTC and by coincidence I found Natasha Clinic there. They have changed the packaging, price, and the amount of product inside the new tube. The previous Natasha lip balm I bought on 2010 has smaller/ slimmer tube than this one and had no box as I could remember. This new version of lip balm packed in a carton box and provided with ingredients list and has bigger tube and more amount. Looks more professional, but the packaging design is still not cute at all >.<   

Ingredients list

It looks pink in the container, but actually it's colorless when applied

The texture was pretty much the same like I bought previously, but the new one has a bit more 'oily feel'. But it's ok. I guess they have changed the formula alittle. However I could not compare because the first I bought in 2010 did not provide ingredients list. Another thing is this recent item is little more scented than before. There is no perfume listed in the ingredients info but it sure has a scent. It has similar hint of smell as the previous, something like bubblegum, and another perfumey smell but I can't describe it. The smell of this new version felt little stronger than before.

The Tube

It offers same help as the previous one. It helps to repair my lips texture, hydrates it and keep away flakes. One thing bothers me is the scent. If the balm gets into the inner of my lips, I kinda feel like eating perfume, ha hah... maybe I just being too sensitive about flavour and scent, but it's true >..<

Don't expect it as base for ur lipstick because it would not fill in lines or add another layer to form smoother surface on ur lips, it wouldn't cover any imperfections u may have. It only moisturizes and colorless..            

Think this lip balm will last for long time for me since I only apply it 2- 3 times a day, plus I have another lip balms on my dresser, so I don't use it every day, he he... (I like trying new products, no wonder I have several products with the same function)

I usually use it in proper amount because it'll be too much 'oily feel' and shine if I use it too generously.

What I like :
- Lightweight texture when applied
- Affordable
- Good composition of ingredients list (active ingredients on the top list)
- moisturizing
- one lip balm can go for long time (it's 4 gr)
- contains sun protection

What I don't like :
- the smell and taste when accidentally licked is kinda has 'bitter- somehow' taste and perfumey
- only available on Natasha Clinic
- boring packaging

Repurchase? I don't know. I want to look another better lip balm.

What do u think, Gals? Have u ever experienced any products from Natasha Skincare?
Let me know what's ur opinion, until then see u on my next post :)

Btw I'm not doing any commercial here for this brand. Just sharing my experience. I bought the product by my own money.

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