Monday, 19 August 2013

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash Review

Hello, dear readers

This post is just short review from me.
This is the product that I should be reviewing months ago. Yes, lazy me >.<
Why I bought this product? Tea tree is known for its ability to heal blemishes and acne. Well, my acne does not usually only on face and neck, but on my body too. I occassionally get acne on my back, chest, neck, even ear. So I decided to buy this product. Hope that it could prevent and combat the acne on my body.

The bottle

The body wash is in form of green transparent liquid gel

The body wash is not lather much compared to common liquid body wash. I guess its better to use sponge to create more bubbles. I use more amount on every usage compared to common body wash so 1 bottle did not last long, in my case 1 bottle could go for about 3 weeks.
The smell is refreshing, like tea tree smell which is kinda like the smell of cajuput oil (Bahasa : Minyak Kayu Putih). Yeah, I heard that tea tree is still in the same family as Cajuput tree.

There is bit tingling (krenyes2 di kulit) sensation when this body wash reaches pimples area on my body.

This is the ingredients list

So here are my conclusion.

Pros :
- Did not dry my skin
- Helps to prevent my back acne
- Helps to combat the existing acne on my body back then
- refreshing scent
- moisturizing

Cons :
- bit expensive
- did not go for long time (need more amount on every usage compared to common body wash)
- did not lather much

Repurchase ? Maybe, when I have trouble with acne in my back again. Wish I won't have >.<

So, what do u think?


Sekar Saraswati said...

Udah pernah coba tapi karena busanya dikit "berasa" seperti gag bersih ya. Hi hi


Queen D said...

Iya, bener, busanya emang dikit, makanya aq bilang kalau ini body wash boros pemakaiannya :)
aq sndiri kalau pakai ini sabun musti rada banyak biar berasa nampol he he :)