Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Skinfood Shea Butter Lip Care Bar #5 Milk (for babies) Review

Hello, everyone

Do u have favourite lip balm? I'm sure u do. Either with me. Now let me tell u one of my favourite product. This is from Korean Brand, SKINFOOD. Actually, SKINFOOD markets it as product for babies. Lip balm for babies, that's interesting. Since this products originally targets under 5 years old so I think it contains mild, gentle, very friendly formula and less harsh ingredients. Again, this just my thought, I don't know the complete ingredients list since SKINFOOD does not provide it on the package.

Pic from Skinfood web

This product is the part of SKINFOOD haul I mentioned in HERE.
 Pic from Skinfood web 
The balm is colorless

 Pic from Skinfood web 
it contains 3,5 gr amount inside

This is the product that I've been wanting to try so long time. I bought it some months ago but I just opened it about three weeks, because I have another lip balms that haven't been finished.
There is no special thing about the packaging just slim round plastic container, with cap and vintage label on it.   
First noticeable thing is the scent. It smells like babies product, with hint of caramel and or milky scent (in my opinion). From all varians of Skinfood lip care bar that I ever tried (the others are apricot and mint), this one I adore the most.
All varians of Skinfood lip care bar have pretty much the same texture I guess.

When I first bought it, the product was manufacture sealed with transparent plastic, almost whole tube covered by it. Don't accept if the seal is broken.
This lip balm is colorless, it's moisturizing and doesn't leave any oily or waxy feel on lips after application. It's nice to be used under lipstick because it could help to fill in lines and promotes smoother surface. It helps to cure dehydration on my lips.

I usually apply it before using my Etude Etoinette Lipstick. As I mentioned in my previous review that Etoinette lipstick is the type that would not look good in dry lips, and it tends to sink into lines. So if I apply this SKINFOOD lip care first, the Etoinette lipstick would perform better on top of it.

It can hold moisture on my lips up to 5-6 hours. I usually apply it twice in a day, morning and after lunch. And then at night before going to bed.

I don't use it everyday because sometimes I use my other lip balms.

This item is part of my Skinfood haul that I have posted before. U can see the price in my previous post. Of course U can get cheaper price via online shop.
Too bad that Skinfood does not provide complete ingredients list for this product. So we don't know if there is anything in the ingredients list we're not a fan of. I have feeling that this varian is the mildest formula among the others. Guess maybe because it is for babies, so it has softer formula than two SKINFOOD lip care bar I reviewed previously. Then again, it does not provide ingredients list >.<

Pros :
- very moisturizing
- nice smell
- help to keep my lips healthy
- cure dryness and get rid of flakes on my lips
- help to fill in lines and create smoother surface

Cons :
- no complete ingredients list provided on the packaging
- the Skinfood products in the official counter in here are more expensive than online shop

Who may like it :
- want a colorless lip balm
- like the smell of babies product
- needs moisturizing non sticky formula

Who may not like it :
- want lip balm with sun protection
- want a colored lip balm

Repurchase? Yes, if I don't find better product than this. Right now this is my favourite lip balm, it really help me to maintain healthy lips.  

So what do u think, readers? Do u have favourite lip care product? Let me know what's ur opinion by leaving comment, until then see u :)         


hardpliers said...

Looks like a great product for winter!

Queen D said...

I haven't try to use it on winter. Since there is no winter season here in Indonesia.
It's pretty affordable if u buy it online from the right online shop.
I like it because it's non sticky.
Thank u for visiting here :)