Tuesday, 13 August 2013

SKINFOOD Shea Butter Lip Care Bar #4 Mint (for men) Review

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I have this product since months ago and been using it until now, of course in rotation with my other lip care products on my cosmetic box.
Months ago (between March and April), my lips was at bad condition. I bought some product to cure it but it did not work. My lips was very dry, darkened and flakes everywhere. One day I walked in front of Skinfood Counter at Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya. Since I had a nice experience with Skinfood Lip Care Bar Apricot back then, I decided to repurchase from the same line. Actually I wanted to get milk varian, but unfortunately it was out of stock. After trying the sample product on the display, I decided to purchase this one.

Why I chose this?
- it is colorless (after applied on lips)
- it has nice smell (fresh mint scent)
- it has mint cooling sensation after swatched on lips

The SA told me that it is product for men. Hey, what's the difference? as long as I like it I'll buy. Fyi, it's not the first time I bought men's product. Back then, there is some period when I like to shop in men's body care (body wash, deodorant, cologne, shampoo). One brand that I adore their men's product is adidas. I ever used their body wash and deodorant, and I liked them, they smell so refreshing :)

Description from web yesstyle :
Moisturizing and healing lip balm coats lips with shea butter, providing instant relief for dry and chapped lips. Meadow foam seed oil, jojoba oil and bisabolol extracts moisturize and soften lips, smoothing out dry skin and filling in painful cracks for a smooth and luscious pout. Swipe on lip balm as often as needed to keep lips soft and chap free. Contains shea butter to moisturize lips, with meadow foam seed oil, jojoba oil and bisabolol extracts. Apply daily or on dry or chapped lips. Pack Size 3.5g

When I first bought it, the product was manufacture sealed with transparent plastic, almost whole tube covered by it. Don't accept if the seal is broken.
Ok, so this product managed to get rid of the dry flakes from my lips surface. On the first day I applied, it gave immediate hydration for my lips. In two hours I could see the flakes  tended to detach from my lips surface and I could easily rub my lips to remove it. After 2 days using it, I saw some noticeable result, my darkened lips started to back to its normal color. I kept using it and my lips health was restored back day by day.

For what I paid for, I could say it's worth it. I got the price about IDR 101.500 on the Skinfood official counter. U can get it cheaper via online.

Pros :
- cooling sensation after applied
- help to hydrate my lips
- help to restore the natural color of my lips (with the effort maintaining healthy life) 

Cons :
- Not providing the ingredients list
- the price is double if u buy on the official counter

Repurchase ? Yes, but for another varian. I want to try the colored varian too.

So what do u think, readers? If u read my post, please leave some comment.

Have a nice day and see u on my next post :) 

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