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Etude House AC Clinic (Trial) Admission Kit Review (Toner, Lotion and Pink Powder)

Hi, dear readers

After been absence for several days, now I'm back bringing some short review about acne treatment product from Etude. Before reading this post, please visit my previous article about this AC Clinic Kit in HERE.

Etude AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion

AC Clinic Kit
This is the post that I’ve postponed too long. Well, I got distracted to write about another product.
As u know in my previous post, I tested Etude AC Clinic Admission Kit started from early March 2013 until nearly the end of March 2013. And now I’m gonna tell u about my experience. In this post I will talk about the Toner and Lotion.
I used all products in this kit together, because I wanted to achieve maximum result. Before I purchased this kit, I’ve been suffered from little and medium pimples that often popped up together in 3 or 4 spots on my face. I really wished for a better clearer skin.
Why I write these two products in one post? Because those are the products in this kit that I almost always used them together. But I more often used the toner than the lotion.
I’ve finished testing these products on March but I just published now.

1. Lotion
Smell : like medicine smell and strong alcohol
Texture : lotion in average consistency, lightweight, take little time to absorb.
It’s may suit u who have very oily skin not the kind of sensitive one, but dry skin must be aware of this.
The Lotion and toner are the most often products I used.  Sometimes I used them twice a day, morning and night. But many times I only used the lotion at night and the toner twice a day.
When applied on my face, the lotion felt moisturizing but as it absorbed into my skin and hour by hour passed, I found that it did not help to maintain moisture level on my skin.

2. Toner
Texture : clear watery runny, easy to absorb into skin
This toner also has strong smell, mix of somewhat alcohol and herbal. I use it after facial wash and before the lotion.
I think this one may be working for super oily skin which is not sensitive kind. I know some people like it but I guess its just not for me. My skin is oily combination and this toner is too drying on me.

Guess both of the products just not working on me. I was having complicated problem on my skin and I found that those products are just too harsh for my skin. Too bad for Etude since I really like their BB Cream.

Actually I hate to write review for product that is not working on me, but if I don’t post it, I don’t feel fair. I want my readers to know my opinion about every product I tried and tested.

 The ingredients list

After weeks using Etude AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion and Daily Toner, I felt my skin became more prone to new acne. Yes, those products did combat existing acne but made my skin sort of more vulnerable to get the new one. And both of them kinda dried my skin. Well, alcohol on the top second, that made sense, I could not tolerate it.

3. AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot
Direction of use

 I think this was the most useful product from this kit (beside AC Clinic Sun BB Cream). It helped to dry my pimples. Could take a night for little/ tiny pimples before I found it dried in the next morning. It might took longer for healing bigger acne (in my experience about 3 days).
The smell is alcohol strong and it felt a bit sting sometimes when applied to an angry acne. I did not like the scent of it, it's very strong.


This is how it looks after I shake the bottle

Wait until the powder go down to the bottom and separated from the water
and then dip cotton bud into the bottle to get the powder

Ok, I'm done reviewing every each product from this kit, (it's like some 'fiuhh') :)

I read several positive reviews about this line, there are many beautiful girls achieved good result after using it. But I think these products (except the pink powder and AC Clinic Sun BB Cream) just very very much not for me. In my personal opinion, it may work for those who have super oily skin and not the sensitive kind.

Will I repurchase anything from this line? No, I want to look for better alternative.

So, what do u think? Have u ever tried any skincare from Etude House? Could u give me suggestion? 
I'd like to hear from u :)


Pricillia said...

Hi Dear, I'm new readers of your blog:D
I've sensitive, oily and have many little acne like 'beruntusan' on my face and so damn want to make my face clear. What product I should buy/try? I need your suggest, thankyou dear :)

Queen D said...

Well, dear, everyone has specific condition on their skin.
Let me tell u products that worked on my skin, read my posts here

Pricillia said...

Waa thankyou so much for your info dear^^ really help me. I think the emulsion is the best one ya? You use that until now? By Your experience, Etude/skinfood are the best one?

Queen D said...

I have finished the emulsion, and since my skin got better and I want to look for moisture care, so I switch to the parsley mandarin cream version, still in this range, u can read my review here:

please remember dear that every skin may have different reaction, so I suggest u to do little test first before applying to the whole face, u can check for the tester on Skinfood counter first.
Hope my info could help^^

About skinfood and etude. I use etude mostly for their make up line (bb cream, blush on, lip color) and I like it, but I haven't try much of their skincare.
For skinfood, I like their mask and skincare (and lip care too).
Well,every brand has their plus and minus side.
But I gotta remind u, Skinfood skincare (moisturizer, toner) mostly contain alcohol so if u don't like alcohol, u may examine them first before u try them.

Pricillia said...

Thankyou very much dear, really help me^^ maybe I can ask to skinfood SA to make sure the product I must use. But the price in counter so expensive ya huaaa T^T do u know bout online shop skinfood?

Queen D said...

Yes, u can always ask the SA for recommendation, but it's better if u try the tester on the counter too :)
and then u can buy via online for cheaper bargain (the price on the official counter in Indonesia is double even triple >.<), there are several indonesian olshop I knew, try chic-princessa (website), intenscorner(website), or mirielle beaute (FB), they usually have ready stock. Actually there are many other, u can search olshop recommendation from FD forum if u want.
Hope that help^^

June L. said...

I've never tried this line before, but hmm! I don't really use skincare from Etude, but I guess I'll be wary of them! THanks for the review!

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- A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

Pricillia said...

Thankyou so much dear, exactly help me^^ I just knew about netrogena, hadalabo and kiehl's product. Many people in FD discuss and said if those products is good. Have you ever try? Aaa I really 'kepo' with those haha >o<

Queen D said...

I never tried neutrogena and kiehls. They're not widely available in where I live. But I already tried hadalabo for their whitening line in trial kit. I can stand the facial wash but not for the other products in that line, they're tend to be greasy for my oily combi skin.

u're welcome, glad to help :)

Queen D said...

@June : I haven't tried etude skincare much, but this one I'm not gonna repurchase. But I do want to try another line of Etude skincare :)
u're welcome dear