Thursday, 15 August 2013

SILKYGIRL Silky Lips Magic Pink Lip Balm Review

Hi, everyone

This time, I'm just gonna post some short review.Who likes pink? I do : )
And pink stuff always catch my eyes. I really have weakness for pink >.< like can't resist to buy this pink lip balm.

This is the package when sealed

Silky Girl Lip Balm

It's the first time I do review for lip product from Silky Girl. I would call it color changing lip balm. Yes, this lip balm seems white and colorless in the container, but soon after being swatched, the color changes into intense pink. U can add more layer to achieve more vivid color.
The price is affordable. Around IDR 20.000. I bought it from Silky Girl Counter in Tunjungan Plaza.

That is the color in the container 

The packaging is slim, pink and girly. It's very travel friendly.

Actually there are 3 varian in this line. I chose fragrance free one. The other two are scented fruity.

It has cool -menthol sensation after applied on lips. That would this product as good companion for summer.      

Sorry for the blurry pic

I had this product for about 2 weeks before giving it to my neighbour.

Wanna know why I gave it up ? I was suffering from dryness on my lips this product could not solve my problem except just giving a nice pink natural color to my lips. And  I don't think this would suit for sensitive lips. When my lips was in the sensitive mode, I felt little unpleasant feeling after applying it. 
It has poor hydration performance. My mother tried it too and this product was drying on her lips.
My neighbour whom I gave this lip balm to, is very happy using it. She likes the finish color. It looks natural and pretty on her. Since she has good lips health, so she does not expect any repairing function from this product.

Pros :
- Affordable and available locally in Indonesia
- Nice finish color
- Cute girly packaging
- cool menthol sensation after applied

Cons :
- can't hydrate my lips well
- not suitable for sensitive lips

Repurchase ? No.

So, what do u think? Please leave comment :)


Jengs Candra said...

Skrg msh ada ngga kak di TP ? Aku lokasi di Pasuruan. Dulu sih disini ada di Ind*maret tp setelah re-purchase 2 kali uda ngga ada ngilang bagai ditelan bumi :'( Padahal loved bgt sm ini. Muterin beauty store se-Pasuruan ngga ada yg jual. I`ll be waiting your reply kak :* Thankiss ..

Queen D said...

Banyak koq di konter Silky Girl Surabaya, ngga harus di TP, di mall2 lainnya juga ada koq :)