Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Erha 3 Balancing Toner (First Impression)

Hi, everyone

This is another post about product from Indonesian dermatology clinic. I bought it on the same time with Erhalogy Eternalips that I reviewed in HERE, that was several months ago. This post has been abandoned for long time in my disk.

So here is the product description.

Erha 21 New Improved Formula
Erha 3 Balancing Toner
pH Balanced Toner, refreshed and revitalized your skin
60 ml

Ingredients :
Water, Witch Hazel extract, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, Sodium Hydroxide, Lactic Acid 3.42 %, Propylene Glycol, Ethanol, Glycolic Acid 2.45%, Aloe Vera extract, Glycerine, Phytic Acid, D-Panthenol, Allantoin, Benzoic Acid.

Well, I heard some good review before decided to buy this product. This is Erha product that sold as regular item, it means u could buy it at Erha Apothecary without Erha Dermatologist prescription. The Erha SA said that it would work for combination and oily skin.

This is the bottle
White and clean plastic bottle packaging
Price : IDR 64.000 in Erha Apothecary, Ciputra World Mall Surabaya

The toner is transparent water- like

The back of the bottle containing product info

I experienced redness at the first time using it. I used it after facial wash. It did help to remove traces of dirt that could not be wiped by facial wash. At first I thought my skin was just trying to adapt to a new product. The next day I tried it again and the redness and unpleasant feeling on my skin happened again. And then I ceased the use for 1 day, and the next day it occurred again. I only use this product 4 times before gave up. My sensitive skin could not tolerate the formula.

After doing some online searching. I think I knew what inside it that my skin could not tolerate. The combination of sulfur, Lactic Acid 3.42 %, Glycolic Acid 2.45%, alcohol in form of ethanol, benzoic acid, and Sodium Hydroxide on the 4th top ingredients list is just too 'strong' for my skin. 2 kinds of AHA(Lactid and glycolic) with that percentage might be too much for my skin, considering at that time I seldom used product containing AHA, maybe my skin was not used to it. And the presence of alcohol and sulfur (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) could not be tolerated by my sensitive skin. Then the sodium hydroxide on the 4th is also intolerable for my sensitive skin, it is known as strong skin irritant.
Oh, stupid me, I should have learned knowledge about chemical ingredients before purchasing this product. I really regret this.

Ok, let's jump into my conclusion.

Pros :
- Non perfumed
- No strong smell
- could wipe away the traces of residue on my skin that missed by the cleanser

Cons :
- the formula could not be tolerated by my sensitive skin

Repurchase ? Big No No. It may suit many people out there but unfortunately it's not for me. I don't mean to judge this one as a bad product, but I just have some sensitive and specific conditions that couldn't tolerate this toner's formula, that's just it. 
I think every individual has different condition about their skin. One product that suit many people does not mean that it would go well for me too.

So, readers, especially in Indonesian, have u ever tried any product from Erha Dermatology Clinic before? Tell me ur thought, let me know if u visit my blog :)
Until then, see ya on my next post, have a nice day :)


Dine Aisah said...

Waaah di ERHA punya Toner ya? *baru tahu..
Setiap priksa konsul ke dokter saya nggak pernah di tawarin toner (T____T)
Bisa dibilang nggak nguras kantong ya harga nya..


Pricillia said...

Obat di Erha benar2 keras. Kulitku sangat amat sensitive, jadi kalo kena obat keras/terlalu banyak kimia langsung panas, merah, gatal&bengkak. Erha salah satu obat yg membuat mukaku seperti itu. Tapi salutnya, Erha mau bertanggung jawab. Tidak seperti dr. Vony di Mitra/Hermina Bekasi. yg tidak mau bertanggangung jawab. Sudah 2kali aku mengalami muka seperti itu dengan obat yg berbeda. Makanya dari dulu bingung bgt gmn ngebersihin muka ini T_T oily, sensitive, bnyk jrawat kecil2nya dan bekas jerawat T_T kalo salah obat langsung merah, bengkak gitu huaaa

Queen D said...

@sistersdyne : iya, Erha ada toner, kalau ngga salah, ada juga untuk jenis kulit lainnya selain yg ini.

@Pricillia: Halo, wah kamu prnah coba di erha juga ya, iya toner yg aq coba ini bener2 keras banget di kulit aq... sempet heran padahal cleansernya Erha yg pernah aq coba tu lumayan skin-friendly lho, uda pernah aq review jg di sini:
sayang banget tonernya koq keras banget >.<

Tyra Maya said...

Bukannya erha 3 itu emang acid toner? Khusus bt eksfoliasi kulit. Bukan buat ngilangin makeup. Kayaknya salah pake bukan barangnya deh.

Tyra Maya said...

Bukannya erha 3 itu emang acid toner? Khusus bt eksfoliasi kulit. Bukan buat ngilangin makeup. Kayaknya salah pake bukan barangnya deh.