Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SKINFOOD Parsley and Mandarin Cream Review

Hello, my gorgeous readers^^

Who likes mandarin orange? or anyone here is eating parsley?
Both are nutritious food, right, and they are also contain nutrition for the skin to eat :)

Today I talk about cream from my favorite line from SKINFOOD. I have reviewed three product from Parsley and Mandarin range before. Now I'm gonna tell u my experience about the cream.

The SKINFOOD Logo on the cap

The jar is transparent so u can see how much product inside

Description from the web :

This lightweight, soft cream for troubled skin contains parsley and mandarin extracts to effectively control skin problems, keeping skin healthy.
It also contains dandelion and lily complex extracts for soothing effect.
It absorbs quickly without shine, and provides prolonged moisturization to rough and dehydrated skin.

* To Use
After emulsion, apply desired amount onto face, gently spreading to absorb.

I bought it on my SKINFOOD haul I have mentioned before and u can see the price and where to buy HERE.

After satisfied using the emulsion version, I wanted to try the cream since I have read many good reviews from bloggers that used it. They said it is more moisturizing than the emulsion.

It has inner plastic separator if u open the cap

I have love and hate relationship with jar packaging. The good is I can easily dip my finger and use this cream until the last drop of it. The bad side is, it could spill easily when opened and it's unhygienic to let all the product inside exposed to air and bacteria when we open the cap and take the cream by our finger or spatula.

 Here is how the cream looks like
sorry for the low res pic

This is said to be a cream. But in my opinion, the texture is more like gel lotion. Of course I adore this kind of texture because it's lightweight and easy to absorb than creamy skincare. The texture is thicker than the emulsion.

The SA said that it is best if used at night. She also said if I want to use it in the morning, I should use a little amount.

Ingredients list is written in Korean. Too bad that they don't provide the english version. How am I supposed to know what it is made of? It's a bit strange since the other products in this range (emulsion, toner, mild foam) have english version of ingredients list on the label.

I've been using it almost 2 months. Mostly, I used it at night before going to bed. Actually it can be used in the morning too. But I have to be careful if I want to use it in the morning, because too much will be little too greasy for my skin. I only can use it in minimal amount as day cream. But in the night, I can use it i generous amount.

One thing bothering me about this cream is after I put this product on my face at night and then several minutes I sweat, the cream adhered to my skin could run down along with my sweat and sting my eyes area.

Now, let me tell u about the benefit. When my skin is acting out- sensitive mode on, with redness and little zits start to pay a visit- this cream helps to calm down my skin. I usually use it at night,when I wake up in the morning, the redness on my face diminished.
It also useful to support acne treatment. When I had little pimples on my cheek, I used this at night and in the morning the pimples got dried or reduced. It also works to prevent acne from coming again. 

But however, if u get terrible acne condition like my experience I ever posted in HERE, maybe the emulsion version in this range could suit u better.

This cream will suit best for oily combination skin. Dry - normal skin maybe will need more moisturizing cream than this, while oily or super oily skin may find it a bit too greasy. SKINFOOD has another ranges which target different skin type, oily, normal and dry skin.

This cream also helps my skin to recover from post acne condition. It helps to maintain my skin texture, acne marks, and roughness on the surface. 

Things that I dislike the most are the smell and alcohol presence in it. The smell is so overpowering, actually it makes me bit dizzy sometimes. The smell is mix of citrusy scent, hint of herbal, and alcohol. 

Please avoid eye, mouth and other mucose area while applying this cream.

 Pros :
- moisturizing
- easy to absorb
- help to calm down redness and acne
- help to control acne and repair my skin from post acne
- lightweight
- 1 jar can go for long time

Cons :
- the price from official counter in Indonesia is so expensive
- Strong scent, strong alcohol smell
- could run down along with my sweat and sting my eyes area if I apply bit too much on the forehead

Repurchase? Maybe. I'll stick to the emulsion and cream in this line until I find something better which is non alcohol n not having overpowering smell. For now, this is quite a saver for my skin.

So that's all I can tell u my experience about SKINFOOD Parsley and Mandarin Cream.
What do u think, gals? Have u ever tried it too? Let me know if u reading my post by leaving comment^^

Update :
I don't know how to explain this, this case happened sometimes.  Out of no where... When I used this cream after using The Body Shop (TBS) Aloe Cleanser and toner, sometimes I got unpleasant medium stinging sensation on some part/s of my face.
I'm not sure... whether because my skin was too sensitive back then or what... well I write this just for ur info. Maybe (it's just my assumption), skin in the ultra sensitive mode might not be handled well by this cream, considering the presence of alcohol and perfume in it.
But when I used this cream after facial wash, that stinging feel did not occur. Maybe the combination between TBS aloe cleanser+toner and this cream was not matched well. Once more, I was not sure... However I won't pair this cream with the TBS again.


Janet said...

its nice to hear that it actually minimize redness! thanks for sharing the review ^_~

Queen D said...

hi janet :)
if u interest in using this product
maybe u should test a little before buying the full size. try at the counter, see if u like it :)