Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Facial Wash Review : Skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Mild Foam

Hi, everyone

Meet another update from me. This time is about SKINFOOD Parsley and Mandarin Mild Foam. It's part of my haul that I mentioned in THIS POST.

This is the brand new item, sealed with plastic covering almost whole tube.
Don't accept if the seal is broken.

Here is the look after I tore off the plastic seal

The back side of the tube

Label on the back side of tube. U can look at the ingredients list by opening the label on the corner with 'open here' direction.

The ingredients list

It has alumunium seal covering the tube hole when I first opened it.

I think this facial wash is best for oily combination skin. And dry skin really should stay away from it.
Let me just be clear in here. This facial wash is not kind of ‘mild’ at all.

Texture : creamy and thick, white pearly color
Scent : citrusy, refreshing, quite strong one

Here is how the product looks like

I heard that some of people experienced minor break out because of using this, which is not happening to me. Its because I always use cleanser first before this facial wash. I can’t count to this Parsley and Mandarin Mild Foam alone to clean my skin, I knew that.

Just need a little amount to produce enough lather

Again, I do really appreciate Skinfood to put so much effort in using natural botanical ingredients, even into the level of face wash product, which is only stays awhile on skin before rinsed.

I'm not gonna make this post longer, so let's jump into my conclusion. Below are my take on this product.

- give ‘clean’ feeling’ to my skin after application
- nice refreshing scent
- only a little amount would do for entire face and neck
Less the amount needed compared to common face wash
- natural plant and fruit ingredient
- it lathers much

Cons :
- Very very pricey if u purchase on the official counter in Indonesia
- Does not live up to it’s claim
- Not worth the price seriously
- Average cleansing power
- tend to drying when my skin is on dry mode
- the formula can’t be considered as soft

Repurchase : absolutely no. It’s too expensive, the benefit I got does not live up to its price.

So, what do u think, Gals?

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