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Etude House Sun-Prise All Proof SPF 50+/ PA+++ Review

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So, I’d like to talk about Sun protection product. Now I’m gonna let u to know how do I feel about Etude Sun Prise All Proof SPF 50+ PA +++. Fyi, I’m exposed to sun pretty lot every day. Even the office where I work has glass windows that let sun to pass through it. Living with those conditions, I’m really concern about high level of Sun defense.
I bought it on March and have been using it until now. But I’m not using it every day, just when I think I need sweat/ waterproof sun screen to wear, example when I go for outdoor vacation.  I have lighter sun lotion from other brand that I usually put on every day.

Price : about IDR 88.000 via Indonesian online shop

If u live in my country and want to buy this product, I suggest u to buy online. I mean seriously, the price of this product in official Etude Shop in Indonesia is almost tripled I could get via olshop. I ever saw this product when I walked into Etude counter in Metro Dept. Store and it has about IDR 238.000 on its price label (if I remember correctly, cmiiw, but I’m pretty sure it was more than IDR 200.000). Could u believe that? I felt like I’m gonna faint when I saw that number >.< really unbelievable.
Surprisingly that crazy price tag is not happening on several body care products like Put Hands Up Deo lotion and Deo Stick, Belle Dress Cologne, Bubble Hair Color and Petit Bijou Spray, as I could remember. I can buy those products on the official ounter in here because their prices are +/- same as if I buy via online. Very much strange, right.. I don’t know what kind of policy they have in deciding their prices..

Ok, now let’s back on the product. This Sun protection is claimed to have 3 Proof : San, Water, and Dye Proof. This product can be applied for face and body.

This is the brand new product, wrapped in plastic seal.
Don't accept if the seal is broken

The plastic seal covers the tube from top to bottom

Product Description on the tube :
Etude House Sun-Prise All Proof SPF 50+/ PA+++

Waterproof UV Defense moisturizer whitens skin with Niacinamide.
Formulated with Mangosteen, Lotus Flower and Aloe extracts for skin soothing reiief.

Apply moisturizer to sun exposed areas of the face/ body and massage into skin.

Caution :
For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/ or rash appear.

Netto : 50 g (1.76 oz). Best to use 12 M after opened (from the logo 12 M).

This is the sticker attached on the plastic wrap, contains ingredients list.
Click to zoom the picture

The tube after I opened the plastic seal

The back of the tube

It has screw cap and the tube hole is quite small,
enough to control the amount of product we want to use

Here is how the product looks like

Applied on my hand

Scent : I’m bad at describing aroma, on my opinion this sun screen smells little similar like most of nivea body lotion, there hint of flowery and orange scents I guess. The smell is medium and stays for as long as I wear it, but it’s not bothering me.

Texture : White thick lotion

I apply on my hand and body at least 15- 20 minutes before going out. The finish is pretty nice for a high SPF sun screen. I found most of high protection level sun screen are sticky, but this one is sure different.
It felt thick when I first squeeze it out from the tube and rub it on my hand but after it absorbed and settled, it’s not sticky or greasy anymore. I just feel like rubbing body lotion because it feels light on skin.

I also tried to use it on my face and it told me different story. When I applied it on my face, it was not as fast absorbed compared to when I used it on my body. I waited for at least three minutes to make sure that it’s completely settled on skin before I put make up or powder on top of it.
On my first day using it on face, it did make my skin oilier than usual. And in the end of the day I got 3 little pimples. I tried again and in my second usage, it happened again. Somehow it clogged my pores and triggered my oily skin.
So after that I never used it on face again. I assume it’s not suitable for face with oily and acne prone skin.

I haven’t tested to wear it while swimming so I don’t know the staying power in the water. But it definitely sweat proof, I tested it. I also run test by using it on my hand and splashing water on it and I can say it still stays.

Like most sunscreen, it also has white cast that is visible when u use it on face and take a photo.
This Etude Sun Prise All Proof SPF 50+ is said to have whitening function. But I don’t see that benefit except the fact that it protects me from sun darkening, that’s all.
And about the skin soothing effect, I only can say that it gives moisture for my skin and helps to prevent redness that usually caused by high frequency of sun exposure.

What I like :
- feels light on my skin and help to moisturize it
- non sticky after absorbed
- quick to settle on skin
- 3 proof and sweat proof
- doing its job to protect my skin from sun damage
- contains moisturizing and skin soothing ingredients
- no paraben, no phenoxyethanol. It uses food preservative sodium benzoate. It’s interesting.

What I don’t like :
- little pricey for 50 g product
- have to buy online if I want to get normal price
- makes my skin break out if I use it on face
- white cast (when take a photo)
- not suitable for (face with) oily and acne prone type

Repurchase ? Yes, via online. It’s a good sun screen for body.

Like other cosmetic products, keep it in room temperature, avoid high temperature and don’t store it in direct sunlight.

(pic from cosmeticacoreana.blogspot)
 This product is part of Etude Sun Prise Line
Ok, that’s all I can say. Gals, what’s ur favourite sun screen? Do u have any suggestion for me?


Dine Aisah said...

OMG thanks for the info, i almost want to buy it, but after i read this post, it's not really nice for oily skin moreover for acnes. and i have both of them , oily and acnes (T.T)

Queen D said...

Hello, ure welcome, dear^^

Stella (스텔라) said...

Can you give me the link of the online shop where you bought this product? Thanks!