Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Etude CC Cream Glow SPF 30/ PA++ (First Impression)

Hi, Everyone 

Today I’m gonna write my first impression about The Famous CC Cream from Etude. I got this sachet as freebie for purchasing Etude I’m Blooming Special Care Kit.

Product Description :

Etude CC Cream Glow SPF 30/ PA++

I got this product description randomly from google
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1. Texture : White cream, with 'pigment capsule', will change color after being swatched. Medium consistency.
2. Scent : medium scent, floral-ish, similar typical scent of Etude BB Cream
3. Coverage : Sheer
4. Finish : Glowy, the shade of this cream has pink undertone in it. May suit any range of skin color except maybe the very dark one.

Sample I got

Ingredients list : Since I'm not having the full size, I don't have the ingredients list but u can find it   HERE, Miss Arum had reviewed it before me.

The CC Cream on my hand

This is my bare face before I applied CC Cream, please don't be freak out >.<'
U can see redness and broken capilaries, blemishes >.<' No 'conceal' editing I swear ('_')\/
The only good news I have is my pores are more tightened and not as big as months ago.

Here is after I applied 2 layer of CC Cream
See my redness got covered, but my blemishes and broken capilaries still quite visible
(Sorry the pic lighting is poor, may look darker than the real)

If u want to layer this CC Cream, u must wait until the first layer blended and settles perfectly before u add more coverage. But u can see, even I have put 2 layer of it, the coverage could not be compared to BB Cream.

This cc cream does not have any oil control. It triggered my oily skin more. Guess this one is not for me. Btw my mother tried it too, she has dry skin. She has no problem with it. It could stay nice from morning to almost evening on her face.

I wanted to know the lasting power of this CC Cream, so I blended 2 layer of it on some area on the back of my hand. And then I went to the bathroom to wash my hand. Yes I was not just splashing water on it but also rub it a little. In the end of my test, the CC Cream still appeared there although the color got reduced. So I jumped into conclusion that it is water resistant or semi waterproof maybe.

I ran some water test
This CC Cream is somewhat water resistant

Who may like it :
- Dry skin
- Looking for glowy finish
- Don't mind scented skincare
- Don't need lot of coverage

Who may not like it :
- Oily skin
- Want matte finish
- Want good oil control
- Want good coverage

What I like :
- gives healthy complexion

What I dislike
- no oil control at all
- does not suit oily skin like me
- littlecoverage

Buy the full size? No. Not this one, I want to try the silky varian.

Etude CC Cream Glow is claimed to be more a skincare than make up. But still, in my opinion, this is a make up product, not skincare. So u may want to put ur skincare (moisturizer, essence, dll) before applying it.

What do u think, gals?


Anonymous said...

coveragenya udah bagus banget lho di kamu... tinggal finishing aja... tinggal beli yg silky aja deh... :D

turiscantik.com said...

aduuh sayangnya ngak bisa buat kulit berminyak ya..too bad ;(

Hatta Shani said...

bagus loh coveringny lumayan, lsg jd glowy gitu

Queen D said...

@mizha : Iya nich, miz, next mau coba yg silky :)

@turis cantik : iya, yg berminyak jangan coba2 dech, ini khusus yg dry skin aja

@Hatta Shani : itu aq pakai 2 layer, coveragenya sheer, ya lumayan suka benernya finishnya, cuman berminyak >.< tapi di kulit mama aq yg kering dia lebih bagus performance-nya