Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Etude I Need U Green Tea Mask Sheet (First Impression)

Hi, everyone

I just realized that it’s been long time since I reviewed mask product. Ok, now, I’m gonna write my first experience using one of Etude Mask, the green tea one. 

Cute ilustration :)

Clik to zoom it
There the ingredients list

Look at the ingredients list, glycerin on the second, and green tea is on the third. It's good to know that active ingredients are in the top list. Glycerin and green tea, both are moisturizing.

I was curious to try Etude mask because I never use one. I choose green tea because I thought I need a hydrating mask. Turns out that I was right : )
I bought this for IDR 28.000 at Etude counter in Metro Dept. Store. Of course I can get cheaper tag on it if u purchase it online.

The essence inside is more than what could be absorbed by the mask sheet. So the water essence was dripping down when I took out the tissue from sachet. I used the remained liquid to massage my neck area.

How I use it? Rather than putting it on for just 20-30 minutes, I wear it on my face and let it there until the sheet is dry.

The scent is a bit bothering for me. Somehow it’s like mix of plant/ herbal scent and alcohol, a bit refreshing too but more into bothering side. Ugh, wished I could hold my nose while wearing it >.<

So here are my take on this product.
What I like :
- Help hydrating my skin
- Made my skin felt softer, smoother, suppler and slightly brightened after usage
- Easy to get if u live near Etude Shop

What I dislike :
- The smell is a bit strong and bothering for me
- Alcohol and perfume
- I felt some strange ‘tighten’ sensation when using this mask
- The sheet shape did not match my face size

Repurchase : Maybe. But for now I want to try other varian of Etude mask.

Gals, do u ever use Etude mask before? Can u give me some suggestion? I’d love to hear from u : )



Shasha said...

I love this mask but the Pomegranate one.. never try the green tea hehe

Queen D said...

Guess someday I want to try the pomegranate too :) he he.. oh actually I want to try all them :D

Gust Dii said...

I love homemade face masks. It's more natural and easy to prepare.

Queen D said...

@Dii : ha ha I'm too lazy to make DIY mask, but sure I'll try it when I have lot of time