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Powder Review : Anna Sui Protective Loose Powder SPF 25/ PA++ (Part II)

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Before u read this post, u better read the Part I of this review in HERE. I’ve posted the ingredients list and product info in that previous article.

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After about a month using this product, I finally could write my experience regarding it.

As I said in the Part I before, this powder is translucent type. It means that it only gives me quite sheer coverage. It does provided brightened look and healthy glow for my skin. The soft shimmer in it really creates nice correction for my overall complexion. It makes my skin looks brighter and smoother under the light with the ‘trick of light’ from its particles.
My skin condition when I began to use this powder was oily combination but dehydrated. And I have love and hate relationship with this powder.
For carrying ‘protective’ claim in its name, in one way it does give several protections for my skin. I learn that this powder is moist type. It does moisturize and soften my skin. This powder prevents dryness and flakiness, when I’m under the sun/ outdoor or inside room with AC. I must say that it helps to lock and preserve moisture on my skin all day when I wear it.
My dehydrated skin likes it a lot for the moisture protection. If I may say, this is like loose powder which also contains skincare benefit (moisture). I can still feel the moisturizing effect even after I remove my make up in the end of the day. I can say bye bye to skin dehydration and dryness while using this.
I’m sure those with dry skin will love it so much.
When I’m outdoor, I feel this powder protects me from the heat of the sun. I think this powder has cooling or calming properties that manage to cool down my skin temperature in hot weather. A feeling that I did not get when using another powder before.
Now, I’m talking about the down side. Anna Sui Protective Loose Powder is good in preserving moisture on my skin. But, remember that my actual skin type is oily combination, no matter how dehydrated my skin could be, it’s still oily. This powder does not provide any oil control for me. Yes, I have to use more blotting paper when I wear this product. I would call it as consequence I should bear.
Total and super oily skin really should stay away from it.

About the ingredient, I have mentioned in Part I that it has mineral oil in it. I was afraid that it would make my skin break out. Well, I’m not sure. Sometimes I get one of two little pimples in the end of the day, but I’m not completely sure if it’s because of this powder or hormonal/ stress factor.
But I usually cease the use when I have pimples on my face.

Now, I will make some conclusion from my take on this product.

What I love :
- Moisturizes my dehydrated skin
- lock and preserve moisture on my skin all day
- protects my skin under the heat of the sun (cooling down properties)
- adorable rose scent
- natural translucent finish which gives me healthy glow
- did not oxidize
- not cakey

What I dislike :
- Poor oil control
- contains mineral oil

Repurchase? My answer is still no, because I want to try other powder from Anna Sui, the one which has coverage function.

I offered this powder to my mom. I have prepared another variety of Anna Sui Loose powder as the replacement, which is not containing mineral oil and not translucent type, the shade is 701. I’ll be reviewing Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder  701 in my upcoming post.

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