Friday, 19 July 2013

Oriflame Tender Care Gift Set

Hello dear readers,

Just want to show u what I bought yesterday. It is my fave multi-purpose  protecting balm : Tender Care from Oriflame. U know, I'm not quite a fan of Oriflame brand, but I do like their legendary protecting balm. That's why I repurchase it. Not just one, but 4 in different flavor in a set.

This is the box
With gold colored floral pattren and oriflame logos.

This is good news for Oriflame fan and Tender Care addict in Indonesia.
In this July 2013 catalogue, Oriflame holds promo for Tender Care Gift Box. U can purchase this gift box for IDR 89.000. It contains 4 different flavor of Tender Care Multi- purpose Protecting Balm in a gorgeous gift box^^
Quite a deal isn't it? I remembered the normal price of one Tender Care Balm is around IDR 30k, but in this month I could get 4 for under 100k. Off course I would not miss it ^^
When my friend at work who also Oriflame seller offered me this set, I just say yes :)

For sweeties who is in Indonesia, U can click HERE for the info about this gift set. 

I have reviewed this multi-purpose balm before.
Please read my previous review about Oriflame Tender Care collection in HERE.
Pic taken from oriflame official site
The package looks bit luxurious, the box inner that holds the jars covered in brown velvet fabric.

This gift set is perfect for birthday present I guess, or present for other occasion. Well, it's Ramadhan now (when I write this post), I think it's will make a nice 'Lebaran' gift to ur beloved one.

I bought this gift box for present for my self, he he :) I like this product and my mom too, so I think it is necessary to stock up for both of us :)

Pull the ribbon to open the box
The box is thick and exclusively made. Won't easy to torn or break even if u drop it^^

When I received it, it was factory sealed in transparent plastic. So if u buy it, make u sure it is brand new factory sealed package.

There is brochure card inside it

Four items : dark brown- coconut, red- cherry, yellow- vanilla, light chocolate- caramel

Four of them smell so yummy. Even when I just unboxing it and haven't opened the jars, I could smell them already.

I think the packaging is pretty useful. The jars are travel size. When those babies run out, I can use their pot to fill with my hand cream or another lotion and take it along when I go traveling. They will fit into my make up purse. I can also bring it everywhere.

And the box can be used to store my accessories. Oriflame is so clever in designing this kind of packaging.

This is the brochure inside explains the products and their flavours.

Information on the back of the brochure card

This is the back side of the box contains ingredients list.
Click to enlarge the pic

Those four tender care balms has same texture and top ingredients. The different is only the flavor they use. Only caramel which listed 'aroma' as the source of its flavor. The other difference is bottom list in their ingredients.

I took this pic randomly from google
 My number 1 favorite among the four
It has so delicious caramel aroma, makes u wanna eat it.
Smells so edible, but it's not.

The picture above shows us that this product can be used in several parts on our body; feel, hands, fingers, and other parts that dry.

Tender Care Caramel has yummy caramel candy aroma. It's so sweet. I really like this one. I think this one has the strongest scent among the 4. The color of the product in the commercial pic is different from the real. Actually those four has similar color.

My second favorite, it has unique sweet and sour cherry aroma
I took the pics rendomly from google, courtesy of oriflame

 among the 4, maybe this is the flavor that I may not a fan of
yes, it's smell like coconut but don't know, me not quite like the scent, maybe it just not suit my taste

For Tender Care Vanilla, I already reviewed in HERE.

Repurchase? Yes, if Oriflame sells it in discount price again. But If I have to buy separately, I would love to repurchase the Caramel, Vanilla, and Cherry flavor. 

So, Are u fan of Tender Care too? What do u think?

*I'm not affiliated with this brand or doing commercial for it, I'm just sharing info.

Oriflame Tender Care collection Review in HERE.


Anonymous said...

yampuun... lucuuu... Pengenn... hihi... sayang, tuh ada aroma kelapanya... aku kurang demen aroma kelapa :(

Queen D said...

he he iya, mumpung diskon, langsung dah aq samber :)
Aroma kelapanya kurang enak menurutku, aneh jg soalnya campur sama aroma original tender care, miz, bisa didbilang ngga se-yummy kawan2nya.
Untung yg 3 lainnya wanginya enak2, aq suka :)
lumayan dah buat stok

Shruti Sadanand said...

Wow..I love the set. It would make a wonderful b'day gift for my sis as she uses Oriflame products only. I've also tried few products of Oriflame & found them good so I'm going to purchase this set for sure for my cute sis. She would love it.