Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Etude Vitamin A Essence Mask (First Impression)

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Here I come back again with another post about tissue mask. I actually adore this type of mask because I don't have to wash my face after using it. *lazy detected
In my opinion, this type of mask is best to be used at night. U can relax while let it stays on ur face for 20 minutes and then massage the remained fluid into ur face and neck, and then just snooze on ur bed until morning arrives :D

The mask sachet

The back of the sachet contains ingredients list
click to zoom it

I write this first impression but I’m not the one who used it. I bought it for my mother about a month ago. My mother doesn’t like to use wash off mask so I bought this one. Like mother like daughter, she likes 'quick product', the less steps of using it the better :D

My mother is 50+ years old. Her skin type was dry. She has several little pimples on her forehead and something like millia above her left brow. Yes, who said that only teenagers and adults who can suffer from acne/ pimples. Mature woman has the chance to experience it too.

So, here I write from my mom's point of view :)

She applied it after washing her face with facial wash and using toner. She put on the mask sheet and tapped it until the tissue attached and fitted to her face perfectly.

Several minutes wearing it, she felt little stinging on her pimples and millia but she continued to let the sheet stayed on her face until the mask tissue dried.
The smell of the mask was unpleasant in her opinion.
She massaged the remained essence to her face and neck. 

On the morning she noticed her little pimples and millia dried. She was happy with the result.
Well, she only use it once so I don’t see any brightening effect on her.

What my mother likes :
- helps to dry her little pimples
- soften her skin
- hydrates her skin

What she dislikes :
- the smell
- the stinging sensation to her pimples area
- contains alcohol

Repurchase ? Yes, off course, for me and my mom. I want to try it too.

My mother said to be careful in using this mask cause it may sting ur eyes area.

So dear friends, what do u think?
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Thanks for the review. Haven't tried this since I'm not much of a fan of masks but this seems interesting. :P Maybe I'll try this someday. :)

Queen D said...

Hi, there^^
thank u for visiting here. I plan to try it too, he he :)