Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lip Color Review : Max Factor Lipfinity 055 Sweet

Hello, lovely readers^^

Who likes pink? *Me, raise my hand :)
This time I want to present u some review about one of the famous max factor lip color. This line is Titled 'Lipfinity'.
The box contains 2 products, Lip color and the top coat. The SA told me that it can last up to 12 hours.
Did it sound pretty much powerful? Well, u'll find out, keep reading.

I bought this product in around August - September 2012. Whoa, almost a year owning it and I haven't post anything about this pink color. This review has been sitting on my draft for long time, waiting to be finished >.<

This is the box, there is transparent lipstick u can see the shade of the lip color u wanna buy.

Max Factor has 2 versions of ingredients list. One is written on the white sticker label along with product description in Indonesian language. The other list is the original one written on the carton box. The original list in foreign languange on the carton box seems longer than the one written in indonesian info.

Ingredients list on the white sticker label which is also contains product description written in Indonesian.

Original version of Ingredients list for phase one product (the lip color)

Original version of Ingredients list, for step 2 product (the top coat)

 To be honest, I wonder why there are two versions of ingredients list, I don't understand.

This is the pair, a liquid lip color and the top coat
The packaging is simple and made of plastic

This lip color has good staying power, it's rub proof. Yes, I tried on my hand and rub it bit hard, and it's standing still :) I also ran water test. I swatched on my hand, let it dry and ran water on it, It did not washed away. So, I was pretty impressed.
The texture of lip color reminded me to painting, yes, it gave me feeling that I painted my lips and coated it :)

The coverage is impressive, it covers all my lips surface just like painting color. It hides all of the impurities on my lips.
I gotta remind u, use the liquid color in wise amount, don't apply too much coz there is chance the finish will be easy to get cracked if too thick.

The shade I got

The texture of the lip color is thick liquid, which will dry quickly so u must apply it evenly with fast moves. 
The texture of the top coat is creamy, glossy finish but not overly shiny. It settles nicely on lips and creates nice protective coat for the color underneath. It is pretty moisturizing.

This is the top coat, to be applied after the liquid color
It can be used alone as lip balm too
The SA said it can improve the appearance of dark lips if I used it twice a day, 
morning and before bed at night.

It is colorless

To clean this product properly from ur lips, u're gonna need waterproof eye and lip make up remover. I used THIS and it's cheap, worked well and fast.

I found the other function of the Lipfinity Phase 2 product besides as top coat and lip balm. If u have obvious lines on ur lips surface and u have lipstick that tends to sink on those lines, this may be some help. Put this moisturizing top coat evenly on ur lips and then use lipstick. It helps to fill in ur lines, create smoother base for ur lipstick. So the lipstick u're wearing would look smoother, and the chance of ur lipstick would sink into lines would be minimized.

Product Description and direction of use

And this is the swatch pic, sorry for the poor resolution

I make it as quick review, so let's see my conclusion, shall we^^

Pros :
- Nice pink color
- Full coverage
- Long lasting (as long as u maintain to reapply the top coat and avoid fried food)
- Rub proof, waterproof
- affordable

Cons :
- a bit bothering scent
- little drying on my lips if I don't maintain to reapply the top coat
- after few hours, it's gonna peel off little by little on its own, makes ur lips look weird
- to touch up, u gotta wipe it away entirely until ur lips really clean and start from the beginning, not like common lipstick
- Does not live up to '12 hours' staying power claim
- easy to peel off or cracked if u eat fried food
- low resistance in contact with fried food and other edible oil

Well, seems like I have love n hate relation with this product.

Repurchase? No. I like standar form of lipstick, which will only fade away or leaves hint of color after hours. Not the product that could peel off on its own. However, actually this one is really nice product in term of coverage and finish. Perfect for party. But be sure to check it after 2 hours using it in case it starts to peel off or cracked, especially if u eat fried food.

So, what do u think, gals? Are u Max Factor user too?


Anonymous said...

Haha.. sammma... aku juga dulu pernah pake ini, tapi shade almost almond...
Awet banget, tapi emang hrs sering2 apply lipbalmya...

Queen D said...

hai mizzha
iya, staying powernya oke emang :) suka jg pilihan warnany

Vani Sagita said...

Wah.. Terlihat menjanjikan terus jadi agak down pas baca kalo dia suka ngelotok-ngelotok sendiri.. Soalnya aku orangnya kalo udah pake makeup males buat touchup".. hahahaha

Queen D said...

@Vani : Ya selama ngga makan2 gorengan dan tetep reapply top coatnya si oke aja koq, lumayan longwear ini produk :)