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Powder First Impression : Anna Sui Protective Loose Powder SPF 20/ PA++ in Translucent 001

Hello, dear readers

As I mentioned in my previous post that I just got Anna Sui Protective Loose Powder. Now it's time to write my first impression about this product.

This product is a part of Anna Sui 2011 Spring Collection.
See picture above if u want to know the color of this loose powder in the container.

Product Description from net:

An ultra-thin, light & fluffy veil!
- Sliding Powder and RFP Powder are expertly combined to create a smooth, thin veil on the surface of the skin.
- By using the minimum possible amount of oil in the formula, skin is enveloped in a light protective layer
Clear skin with an elegant glow!
- 'Bright-up Powder' along with fine red and gold pearls give skin a healthy glow
- Transparent UV powder protects skin
Creates a silky smooth, touchable finish!
- Sliding Powder and RFP Powder make for a silky smooth application
- Sebum absorbing powder takes away excess sebum
- 001 / Translucent

  • SLIDING POWDER and RFP POWDERS - Sliding Powder is spherical while RFP is plate like. Together, these create a smooth, thin veil on the skin surface.

  • BRIGHT UP POWDER - This together with fine red and gold particles (which cannot be seen), give skin a healthy glow

  • TRANSPARENT UV Powder - SPF 20 PA++ protect the skin

This is my Anna Sui Powder Carton Box, sorry for the blurry pic.

Description on the box.
Dist. Albion Cosmetics (America) Inc. New York
Dist. Albion Co., Ltd. (UK Branch)
London SW1X7JF, Paris

Technolabo Co., Ltd. Ginza Tokyo 104-0061 Made in Japan

(Directions for use)
* Use a cutter to open the paper powder container top in crosswise along the dotted line, and then remove the cut paper. Place a net on the top before use.
* After using foundation such as liquid foundation, take an appropriate amount on the puff and apply evenly to the entire face.
* Avoid use on skin with wounds, inflammation, eczema, or skin that is otherwise irritated.
Discontinue use if skin is red, swollen, itchy, or irritated during use or after use when exposed to sunlight, and consult the ANNA SUI Cosmetic Corners or a dermatologist. Continued use of the product may aggravate the problem. 


18 g e, Net Wt. 0.63 oz.
It's written '12 M' on the box, so it can be used 12 Months after opened.

Let's take a look at the ingredients list. I haven't check it out before I decided to have it.
U can see more than one silicone derivatives (dimethicone) here. So it's the reason why this powder gives smooth touch on the finish.
It has mineral oil in the 8th order. I'm kinda allergic to mineral oil and some other oil substances. I hope the percentage is still tolerable for me to use it until I finish this powder. Hope I won't get any breakout from it. I really should check everything I wanted to use before deciding to have it. Kinda slipped in this one.

The good news is this product uses natural ingredients such as peach leaf extract, roses, and grape seed oil. And it contains squalane too.

This is how it's look inside the box.
The box has second layer of thick carton, to ensure it's safety I guess. And it's quite secure.
The packaging is really pretty and made with good plastic material with subtle metalic finish.
The pattern and the finish of the pot is considered luxurious for something that made of plastic material.

Until I made this post, I hadn't dispense my powder because I wanted to finish my current Erhalogy loose powder first before I opened this one, but I could tell u about my first impression  because I already tried it on my face at the Anna Sui Counter. 
The SA was kind enough (and a bit pushy too), she helped me to apply this powder on my (almost) bare face.

This powder is claimed to be translucent, yes, I would say that it is almost translucent, not totally translucent because it still has sheer coverage. The color of the powder in the container may look somewhat beige with pinkish hint. But it's almost translucent (sheer coverage) after applied on my skin. It made my face looked brighter and healthier. It has soft shimmer. Don't worry the shimmer is not the kind of disco blinkies :)
But I have to remind something. People with dark skin tone may not suitable with the shade.

About the smell of this powder, it has powerful rose scent. I adore the scent from the first time I smell it. Anna Sui Rose scent is something that could blow me to a dream world^^
I don't mind with the fragrance but u who don't like strong scented product should sniff it before buying, just in case if u bothered by it.
Actually I don't like perfumed face product but I gave my exception for this one since I really like the rose scent of it.

The powder shifter, the form is like a net

Inside the case there are the puff, powder shifter and the powder refill it self.  The powder refill is contained and wrapped in a rounded carton box that is detached from the case. It's quite hygienic I guess, to get the powder, u have to tear the upper side of the refill box in a cross direction as shown in the carton. And then u can put the shifter on top of it.
There is direction printed on the refill carton about the way u can cut the top using cutter to dipense the product.

The detail of the pot- stand

Detail on the side of the pot

Adorable rose pattern.
The case material looks beautiful under the light.
(sorry I can't capture the shine of the material under the light because of my poor camera)

The puff

The puff is quite big, the diameter is about the length of my palm. It's purple, thick, soft and fluffy. I really like it, it reminds me to a cushion doll, he he... It's just so cute

 Got the picture from random search on google

 The powder pot is really gorgeous. To be honest, this is the first reason I went to check on Anna Sui counter. I saw it on the internet, and I got really curious. It reminds me of jewelery box. And the SA said when I was at the counter, "when u have finished the powder, u can use the container to store ur accessories". Think she's right.

If U followed my blog, u must know that previously I posted about Etude Princess Etoinette line. If I may say, Anna Sui Protective Loose Powder Pot has more luxurious finish of plastic material than what u can see in the container of Etude Etoinette Heart Blusher and Crystal Loose Powder. Of course, the price range plays important role in it. The price of Etude Etoinette Crystal Loose Powder is cheaper than this one. Both however I adore both of them.

U can see, The powder container is not screw tight type.

One thing about the powder container that I dislike. The top part is not a screw tight type, and it just covers the container. The SA said that it is made to stay nice on my make up table, not to be carried everywhere. Besides, it is bulky, she said that I would not want to carry it in my bag. Guess she's wrong, even it's big, I don't mind to carry it wherever I travel to, because it's so beautiful to look at :)

Price : IDR 380.000 if u purchase it in SOGO Dept. Store Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya. *choked >.<
To be honest this is the most expensive loose powder I ever have since I've been born until this day :)

If I'm allowed to make temporary conclusion from my first impression about this product, then here they are as listed below.

Pros :
- Cute super adorable luxury packaging
- Alluring scent
- Nice big soft fluffy powder puff
- Hygienic packing
- Gives healthy complexion
- Makes my face looks brighter
- Contains sun protection

Cons :
- Expensive, seriously for me
- The pot is not screw tight type
- Big bulky container for 18 gr powder
- Definitely not travel friendly
- Mineral oil, lot of dimethicone (third on the list), paraben, fragrance
- only 1 shade, don't think it suits dark skin

Who may like it:
- don't mind the price
- not having sensitive skin or any allergies
- want loose powder with sun protection
- don't need coverage from loose powder
- like the rosy scent
- don't mind the not travel friendly pot
- like the finish of this powder
- fair to medium skin tone
- satisfied with the SPF provided

Who may NOT like it:
- Don't agree with the price
- Hard to reach Anna Sui Seller
- Don't like the ingredients in it
- Want coverage
- Don't like the scent
- Don't like shimmer
- Don't like the so not travel friendly packaging
- Dark skin tone
- Want higher sun protection

Will I repurchase? Not for this product. Even I haven't experienced using this product in long time but I can tell u now that I will not buy it again. The ingredients list is enough for the reason.
But maybe I will try another varian of Anna Sui powder, which is different from this, the Two Way Cake attracts me. What do u think? Well, I'll let u know if I purchase Anna Sui again.
Adorable rose pattern of the powder case
 Got the picture from random search on google

Maybe I will post about the complete review about this product in the future after I use it in enough time to test it out. Think this product is perfect for summer season.

The SA in Anna Sui SOGO told me that I could get Anna Sui member card with IDR 1000k in one time purchase. And I could get SOGO member card with IDR 500k purchase. Whoa... I think I gotta save some money to do Anna Sui haul someday ha ha...
Btw, when I was at SOGO Tunjungan Plaza, I could not let go my eyes from staring at Masami Shouko Brushes collection that are available in there. Oh my, they seemed to have complete stock in there.

Ok, that's all for now, pretties. Do u fan of Anna Sui too? Would u mind to share ur lovely thoughts to me, leave comments please^^

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