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Milk Cleanser Review : Mustika Ratu Pembersih Sari Jeruk Nipis

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This time I'm gonna talk about cleanser. If u followed my blog regularly, u must know that cleanser has become the essential part of my daily routine. I don't use face soap/ face wash too often now, mostly just once in a day, sometimes twice if I feel my face is really dirty.

Mustika Ratu Lemon Lime Cleansing Milk for Oily and Problem Skin
With Aromatic Essential Lime Oil and Vitamin E (75ml)
Price : IDR 9k (around $1)

I ever mentioned this product in my previous post HERE.

Actually I've been repurchasing it several times. When I did not have enough money to buy more expensive cleanser, then I came back to this product.

This is the bottle

The brand new bottle did not have any plastick seal on it. Guess I should forgive since it's pretty cheap. The bottle cap is pretty tight screw, I don't have to worry its gonna spill.

The texture is quite creamy and thick. I'm pretty salut to Mustika Ratu for not adding mineral oil into this product, since many indonesian local brand is likely to put that ingredient into their milk cleanser.

The ingredients list is on the back of the bottle.

The ingredients list. I scanned the sticker.. Click to enlarge.
U may want to look at the formula in case there is something u're not a fan of.

Texture : yellow thick creamy (milk) lotion. The scent is really strong one, mix of citrus and alcohol I guess.

I usually use bb cream in the morning. In the end of the day, this milk cleanser wipes away my make up in a good cleansing performance. I don't have to rub intensely, just light swipe will do. It can remove my waterproof or water resistant bb cream and heavy foundation pretty well.
This milk cleanser contains citrus and witch hazel which is suitable for those who has super oily skin or oily combination skin like me. It also manages to keep pimples away from me.
First thing that I'm really not a fan of is the smell, seriously the scent can make me dizzy, its just really disturbing. The smell is mix of citrus and alcohol I guess. Strange that I could not find 'perfume' in the ingredients list. Seriously I don't think that it's non fragrance. Is it just the alcohol which makes the smell unbearable for me?!

Second thing, u can read alcohol on the top list. Yes, u who are sensitive to alcohol better stay away from it. This one is not suitable for dry skin either.

I cease the use of this product when my skin is in the dry or dehydrated mode since the alcohol is pretty dominant in it. Also when my skin is having redness or in the very sensitive mode, I would not use this. When my skin is back to normal, I can use this milk cleanser again.

My order with this product :
Mustika Ratu Lemon Milk Cleanser --> Cleansing Toner --> Moisturizer


Mustika Ratu Lemon Milk Cleanser --> Facial Wash --> Toner --> Moisturizer

Even this cleanser has thick creamy texture, but it doesn't leave my skin feel oily or greasy. But u have to follow the procedure by doing the next step with cleansing toner/ facial wash to remove the traces of it.

What I like :
- Good cleansing power
- Cheap and available locally in where I live
- Help to prevent acne
- non greasy

What I don't like :
- alcohol in the top line
- the smell is quite strong and sometimes makes me dizzy
- artificial colorant

Repurchase? Maybe. It's quite affordable with good cleansng performance. I can use it as back up when I don't have money to buy more expensive cleanser.

What do u think, Gals? What is ur favourite clenser from Indonesian local brand ? Have any suggestion?

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Chalimi Fithratu said...

Hampir semua review yang aku baca menyarankan pake produk ini. Jenis kulitku emang agak berminyak sih. Emang cocok mungkin ya.. Cobain ah :D
** Review Mustika Ratu by me **