Friday, 10 May 2013

Lipstick Review : Etude Etoinette Crystal Shine Lipstick in PPK 002 Dew Laden Petals Kiss

Hi, pretties

Finally I have fulfilled one of my wishlist.

The commercial pic. Courtesy of Etude.

Today I post about Etoinette Lipstick. I was intended to buy it because several positive reviews I read. Not to mention that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Makes u feel like a princess if u have it :)

Etoinette Lipstick and Blush On. See the E letter :) Cute
The packaging come in ballet pink color, so girly

This is the info on the web. Courtesy of Etude.

 Etude Etoinette PPK 002 Dew Laden Petal Kiss

This is the lipstick and the box, I compared the size with the Etoinette Mirror.
Even the box is so pretty. I want to keep it.

The box is cute but sadly it does not explain anything about the ingredient list of this product. 
Key ingredients: Murumuru and royal jelly.
Seriously, I googled so much but I could not find the complete ingredient list. I browsed Etude Site and it did not provide the full ingredient list either. Somebody help me?

This is how the lipstick bar looks when twisted to the full.

The logo carved on the lipstick bullet.

Look at the gorgeous E logo. I wish it was D letter *ha ha slapped

This is how it looks inside the container

Look at the design, it even has cupola on the top

Sorry for the blurry pic. 
As u can see, the is a ribbon- like detail on the center cupola. It has 2 on it, back and front.

Detail on the bottom

Detail on the 'belt' of the container

See the shine of the lipstick bullet? Yes, the formula is really full loaded of moisture.

Scent : 
It has strong rosy scent with hint of I'm not sure maybe almond or some kind of butter smell. But don't compared the rose scent with Anna Sui Lipstick. Anna Sui's is more expensive and of course smell much more pleasant and enchanting.
The smell lasted for a while after application.

Texture :
Creamy and moist. U don't need lip balm before applying this. Seriously this one is quite moisturizing. It glides easily on ur lips surface.

Coverage and finish :
The coverage is basically sheer, but u can build it until reaching medium coverage and more vibrant color.
If u want soft color for natural expression u can add 1 or 2 layer. If u want more accent, u can swipe it boldly in the center of ur lips. If u want to achieve medium coverage and more bright/ vibrant color, u must apply it more than 5 swipe, maybe ten or more.
I gotta remind u, u better scrub or clean ur lips first from dead cell flakes before using this lipstick because this product won't look good on dry chopped flaky surface.
It won't cover imperfections  on ur lips.
Another thing I don't like about this lipstick is that it sinks into lines. I usually put lip balm in thin layer to reduce the possibility that it would sink into the lines.

Something I like from the color, when the coverage is gone, this lipstick leaves my lips with pink sheer hint that creates MLBB look (my lips but better).

View from top

This is the swatch on my hand.
Sorry this pic is taken in the poor lighting.
There's subtle shimmer on it. U still can see in the photo.

The color is sheer

This is how it looks on my lips.
I'm sorry for the poor pics and lighting. And for my chopped flaky lips.
The color on the photo may looks bit darker than the real.
The photo was taken not from symmetrical angle in case u wonder why the angle of this photo is a bit strange.
I'm having trouble capturing photo of my lips from front.
Sorry, it's very hard for me to take picture of my lips with my lowres phone camera.
(All my pictures in here are taken with phone camera)
My lips are heavily pigmented. U can see the medium coverage can't fully cover my dark lips.
I used lip balm first in thin layer first to reduce the appearance of my flaky lips before applying the lipstick.

My Etoinette collection

That's all I can say.
Repurchase? I don't know when I'm gonna finish this one. Yeah, I think the answer is maybe, but for another color.

I know maybe u already read alot of reviews about this product and I am sure late to post about it. But, well, this is how I describe this product from my point of view. Hope I can add some more reference for u.

Have a nice weekend. See u on my next post, and remember to tell me ur thought on the comment, it's a pleasure for me to know that someone is reading my blog :)


Janet said...

the packaging is so cute and girly! ^_~

Penulis Amatir said...

Hi, Janet^^
yes, this etoinette line really adorable.
Thank u for visiting me

Catherine Widjaja said...

Wahhhh envy bett , aku naksir sama kacanya nih huhuhu

Btw , follback and visit my blog back if you want ^^
Thankyou <3

Penulis Amatir said...

Hi catherine,
iya kacanya emang unyu, tapi materialnya kayaknya agak ngga awet, punyaku udah ada bagian yg ngelupas.
Aku malah naksir kacanya anna sui ama princess mirrornya Lioele, he he

Oya, udah qfollback, tu aq uda nampang di GFC-mu :)