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BB Cream Review : Etude AC Clinic Daily Sun BB Cream SPF 30/ PA++

Hello dear readers^^

Has it been long time since my previous post? Yeah, I know I don't blog constantly.
First time, I made this blog to store my experiences. So I won’t forget what kind of products I’ve tried.
For a girl with limited budget like me, I do realize how important is hearing someone elses experiences regarding the product I want to buy. And how much miserable it feels like, to spend some considerable amount of money to buy products that do not suit our skin. Then I thought, that maybe many girls out there could get some benefit from my experiences, and  I could help them. By sharing my reviews, I could help many people picking products that probably would suit them. As well preventing many people from getting the wrong beauty products.

I hope I can be helpful for others and sharing is really awesome^^

Now, I’m gonna tell u my tale with Etude AC Clinic Sun BB Cream.
I purchased AC Clinic Admission Kit (Trial Set) that I already mentioned in HERE, u can see the ingredients list in that page too. This is one of the product in the package.

This is the set where this product is included in.
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 This is the full version, in case u haven't known.
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Etude House AC Clinic Daily Sun BB SPF30 PA++ : Formulated with Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress, AC Clinic delivers trouble care. UV protection BB Cream supplies natural expression coverage with a non-comedogenic formula.

This is how the cream looks like

Aww... actually I'm so embarassed to put my bare face here.
Don't zoom it, please >.<

The finish is semi matte. Sorry for the poor lighting.
The pic may look little darker and grayish but the real is not like that.
Sorry because my poor camera  >.<
I add more amount/ layer on several dark spots I have, it requires blending technique.
U can see my dark blemishes concealed even not fully covered.

I almost finish the tube.
For the ingredients list, click HERE

Flattened tube.

It manages to conceal medium dark circles which I usually have after staying up late. It also hides some big pores and light blemishes. For dark blemishes, u can add more amount.
I think I know the reason why they made the shade in soo white and pale color. U know that people with acne prone skin usually have redness, blemishes, and other imperfections in their skin. The shade was made into white so it can neutralize the unwanted color of redness, acne spots and any skin darkening that usually experienced by troubled skin, imo.
It takes time to adjust into skintone but even a couple of minutes, it did not nearly reach the color of my skintone.

I'm not having fair skin so the single option in shade is really troublesome for me. That's why I usually top this bb cream with my make over two way cake no. 03 sandy beige to neutralize the 'too white' color.

My order with this BB Cream usually:
Facial Wash -- > Toner -- > (sometimes) moisturizer -- > Etude AC Clinic Daily Sun BB Cream SPF 30/ PA++ -- > Make Over Two Way Cake no. 3 Sandy Beige -- > (sometimes) Erhalogy Loose Powder

The cream has dry texture and harder to spread evenly compared to Etude Precious Mineral BB Creams that I have reviewed before. It's not quick dry type so u will have enough time to blend it, don't worry.
The coverage is buildable from sheer to medium, but careful, too much layer will be too white on ur face.
About the staying power, I always top it with powder to lock the finish and never wear it alone. Because regarding the texture, I was afraid that it would be cakey in the midday if I did not apply powder on top.
With the order above, this BB Cream could stay nice up to 5-6 hours depends on the condition.

The cream consistency is little thicker compared to Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream that I own. Strange for acne care product, it should be lighter in consistency so it would not be heavy to be accepted by troubled skin.

One thing I underlined the most. This product is supposed to soothe acne prone skin. But when my skin was at bad condition and I wore this, my bumps became worse in the end of the day. And I ceased the usage until my skin got better.

The smell is considered light. Combination of medicinal scent with hint of herbal. It did not disturb me since it would fade soon after u applied the cream.

Wanna repurchase? No. Not this one. It's better to buy other Etude BB Cream.

Tell me ur thoughts, lovelies :) I'd like to hear from u
U know u love me, X.O.X.O (Blogger Girl^^)


Chibi R said...

hey good review.I'm planning to buy Ac clinic bb cream because i've been using their Ac clinic line products & it gave me good results despite a few tiny maneageable tiny breakouts. However after reading your review i'm quite scared to purchase because oh goddd my skin tends to get too sensitive sometimes. Ac clinic cleanser/toner/moisturizers/pink powder works like a charm.However when it comes to Ac clinic red spot balm (my skin starts to have tiny breakouts) this was after i read few reviews online saying how good the product was.Clearly it didnt work on my skin.So i was wondering since u bought etude's Other BB cream,does it work for your sensitive skin as well? Do you have tiny breakouts? Would appreciate if you reply to email ; thank you & sorry i didnt space or tabt my question.zi'm typing via Ipad,it doesnt have that enter/tab function.thanks.

Chibi R said...
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Queen D said...

Hi, dear
I'm sorry because for now, I'm only replying qustions via comments on my blog. U can receive this answer via ur email if u tick the box on email follow up comment on the bottom of this comments page.

Other than this bb cream, I've tried Etude Precious mineral bb creams. I have reviewed them in previous posts. I'm quite satisfied with them. They don't cause my any problem if I use them when my skin is in the normal mode.

One thing I have to underline is I always cease the use of any bb cream if my skin in the worst acne mode, or if my skin is in trouble. I use bb cream again when my skin is back to normal.

I suggest u to try sample sachet first before buying the full tube and give it a little test on ur skin.

So The ac clinic line suits u.
Well, everyone has different skin condition. I myself had unpleasant experience with Etude AC Clinic facial wash, toner and daily lotion. But they worked for u.

Hope my explanation can help, thank u for visiting my blog :)