Sunday, 12 May 2013

Acne Care Product Review : Etude AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot Patch Super Fit

Hello, pretties
Some months ago acne started to invade my face again. Maybe due to hormonal and stress. I was looking for trouble care product when I got my hand on this item.
I would say that this product is quite practical. U just have to attach the sticker to the troubled area.
I often create mess when applying cream or acne lotion but with this spot sheet, not anymore. The sheet contains patch (treatment sticker) in different sizes. U can pick based on how large is ur pimple.

This is the commercial pic I took randomly from Google

This is the back side of the sachet.

Where I bought : Metro Dept. Store Ciputra World Surabaya

This is the front side of the sachet. U can see Etude AC Clinic logo on it.
The sachet  already torn because I opened it.

The patch is in form of round white semi transparent sticker.

Most written in Korean

 Click to enlarge, so u can see the ingredients list.

My order was:
Facial wash -- > Toner -- > Spot Patch

This spot patch really worked for me. I always used it at night and I saw the result in the morning. For little pimples, only took 1 night to heal and dried when I looked at it in the morning. For medium pimples, sometimes it could dry in 1 night. But sometimes it only diminished and showed its ‘white eye’ in the morning. For deep and extra large acne, it my took 2-3 nights to heal in my experience.

What I like :
- easy to use without mess
- does what it claims in healing pimples
- cure without irritating
- easy to remove
- travel friendly

What I don’t like :
- pricey

Repurchase? Yes, if I get trouble on my face again. But I hope not, wish pimples stay away from me forever.
I would recommend this item to anyone who want practical product for acne treatment that can be used without mess.

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