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Oriflame Skin Dream BB Cream SPF 30 Review

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Finally I got my vacation on this early month. From 30 january until 2 Feb 2014, I spent time at Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, I stayed in a hotel on the side of the beach. What a lovely holiday... I've been wanting to sip some juice on the beach for months.
Hope I could have some holiday trip again soon ^_^

                                                         Here is how the tube looks like
                                                       Pic taken from oriflame website

Ok, now let's get to the review. Skin dream is Oriflame first bb cream. The claim is to deliver good finish like skin u always dream of : )
This product is first launched on this Januari 2014 and already heavily advertised in internet articles and magazine (I read pages of the ad on cosmopolitan januari 2014 edition).

Catalogue page  Januari 2014

- Packaging : plastick tube, easy to squeeze, with twist cap. Simple and standard, nothing special about it.

- coverage : medium, even out my skin, covers redness, dark circles, blemishes, but does not cover big pores. The coverage is buildable.

- shades : available in three color, mine is light.
Actually, the shade I picked is little lighter than my skintone. Since there was no tester, I decided to choose number 2. I was afraid that it would be too dark if I chose no.3. But it turned out that no.2 is lighter than my skin, but it's still tolerable.

- finish : semi matte with hint of glow, don't know if this what they call as 'satin finish'.

- texture : tinted lotion, medium consistency, easy to spread evenly on skin.

 This is how the bb cream looks like
Sorry for poor lighting

The cream, before spreaded on face
See my bare skin, blemishes and redness >.<
Pic taken on dark lighting, sorry

This is my after photo
pic may darker than the real, poor cam sorry

I usually use finger to apply it on my face. I always apply it one by one, not dotting the bb all over face and then spread it. First I dispense it and then apply it on one cheek, then I dispense some amount again and spread it on the other part of my face, and so on until my face and neck covered.

Ingredients list click to enlarge
there's a small sticker attached on the box also has ingredients list written on it

                                                                 This is the carton box

- functions :
In my opinion, this bb has 3 functions.
1. Coverage : to cover ur imperfections, just like foundation function, I don't use concealer because the coverage is enough to handle dark circles etc, but can't hide my big pores.
2. UV Protection : SPF 30
3. Moisturizer : from glycerin

- scent :
It is non perfumed. I can say I smell somewhat chemical smell from it, but don't worry the smell is weak imo. I love the fact that this does not contain artificial fragrance because when it comes to facial products, I prefer non perfumed (except if the scent comes from natural ingredient in it).
Other than glycerin I don't see others skincare ingredients. So I guess it's more to decorative coverage product than skin treatment.
The texture is more like lotion than cream. It's easy to spread all over face using finger and it only takes standard time to dry and settle on skin. I used to give it about 2-3 minutes to let it completely dry.

About the feel on skin, I won't say that it's lightweight, I think It's standard. About the oil control, I would say that it's medium or standard. My T zone starts to oil up after 2- 2,5 hours. It's easier to fade on my T zone. So I have to blot and powder my T-zone after 3 hours to maintain my look.
The staying power is average I guess. It can stay nice for 4 hours indoor (with air conditioner) on my oily combination skin. After 4 hours the coverage would noticeably decrease.
What I like from the formula is that it's water based, oil free, no alcohol and non fragrance. The claim said that it's safe for sensitive skin, but It's kinda full loaded with silicones and has several preservatives and other substances those may be sensitizer. So read the ingredients carefully in case there is something u should avoid based on ur skin's sensitivity.
It gives nice skin correction under the light. I think this bb somehow uses light diffuse system that creates better look on skin surface under the light. Althought it may have bit whitecast but it still fine for photography.

However, I think it's more suitable for normal and dry skin than oily. It would easily fade or melt away on oily skin. And it could stay longer on normal and dry skin.
On my oily combination skin, this bb cream tends to go away quicker if I use some amount of moisturizer prior to application. And it would stay longer if I just use it alone or only dab minimum amount of moisturizer. I guess this bb cream already loaded with moisturizer. U can make the lasting power longer by locking it with loose/ finishing/ mattifying powder that has good oil control.

It's been almost a month using it and I always clean my face with make up remover in the end of the day, usually I do double cleansing too in the night. I did not experience any pore clogging trouble with this product, even there are lot of silicone in the ingredients list. Well, no pore clogging is really a plus  for me since my skin is acne prone and easy to get extra white/ blackhead if I met with wrong ingredients in face product.

Pros :
- water based
- no fragrance, no alcohol and oil free
- don't need a lot of time to dry
- easy to spread evenly
- nice finish
- not cakey, if I blot my face properly
- not oxidize
- travel friendly tube and easy to control the amount I want to dispense
- been using it almost a month until this review made and haven't experience any skin trouble or breakout with this product

Cons :
- lack of skincare ingredients
- various preservatives
- average oil control

Repurchase? Maybe, if oriflame sells it in discount price. But it I plan to buy it again, maybe I'll try shade 3 and see if it'll suit better because this one little too light for my skintone.
So, what do u think, girls? Have u tried it?

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