Friday, 14 February 2014

Oriflame Essentials Hydrating Face Mask (First Impression)

Hello, dear readers

When my friend from work handed me Oriflame February 2014 catalogue, I could not resist but to browse into it. These new products offered in discount price, looked very tempting to refuse. So I bought these two.

 Both are Oriflame Essentials new product launched in this month
These 2 are in summer theme

Oriflame Catalogue Page Ferbruary 2014 
 Click the pic to zoom it

Those two new products are perfect companion for summer I think : )

Now I’m gonna speak about the Essentials Hydrating Mask. If u followed my blog continuously, u must know that now I’m into hydrating product. Yes, my skin changed and now my main issues are dehydrated skin, dullness, few spots and sensitivity. This product looked so refreshing and it has hydrating function.

Pic taken from Oriflame website
Information from Indonesian Oriflame website :
Masker wajah yang membantu menjaga kelembaban dan hidrasi yang dibutuhkan oleh kulit. Gunakan 1-2 kali seminggu, diamkan selama sekitar 20 menit dan bilas. 50 ml.

This is a wash off mask. I applied it on cleansed skin and let it stayed for almost half an hour before washing my face. The texture is transparent pink gel like mask and felt lightweight compared to other masks I ever tried when spread onto skin. The scent is said to be watermelon aroma, but in me and my friends opinion, it’s more like melon smell : ).

 The transparent plastic tube is easy to squeeze

It gave me refreshing feeling after application and while I let I stay on my skin. It did not give me tight feeling on skin like usual clay or peel-off mask did. So I could talk while wearing it : ) but I don’t recommend u to eat and drink from glass while have this mask on :D and the most important, don’t eat it,even it smells like ur fave fruit :D

After 20 minutes having this mask on my face, I looked at mirror and this mask was still as clear as when I first put it on. But the difference was that after several minutes this mask sank and half absorbed by my skin. This mask is easy to remove. I just have to splash my face with water and rub alittle and rinse my face until clean, no need much effort  : ) I use bathroom water to wash my face.
My skin felt fresh, hydrated, smoother, supple, and softer after using this mask. I really like it. And the scent lasted for a while after washed. So relaxing : )
I haven’t used it for long time so I only could tell about my first impression in here. This product did not give me any sensitive reaction, so I will continue to use it.

 Sticker on the back of the tube
Contains ingredients list and directions to use

What I like :
- gel texture, lightweight
- refreshing
- hydrating
- makes my skin hydrated and supple
- easy to remove
- yummy scent
- contains vitamins and natural ingredient

What I don’t like :
- wish the ingredients list could be more natural and less synthetic/ artificial.
- perfumed (the scent is not natural)
- various preservatives
- coloring

Repurchase ? Maybe, if Oriflame sells it on discount again : )

I'll post about the Multi-Purpose Cream in separate article. I want to try it bit longer before write about it.

So, what do u think ? Share ur experience in comment box please : )


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