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Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream SPF 30/ PA ++ review

Hi, dear readers

Now I’m gonna make some quick review about :
Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream

 This pic I took randomly from Google

 This is the sample sachet version I got. Look how they put such a lovely effort even to the sample size.
Lioele's pumpkin cart appears as the design of the sachet.

 I found this pic on the google. Too bad I don't understand korean.

a. My Story
I got this sample because I purchased Lioele product that I have mentioned in HERE.

b. Product Description :
INGREDIENTS : since I did not purchase full size, I googled about the ingredients and found this link.

c. Packaging : I only have the sample sachet which contains 1 ml (If I remember correctly).

d. Shade : only 1, natural beige.

The shade of Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream

e. Consistency : Thick. It's thicker than Lioele Water Drop BB Cream which I already reviewed in HERE.

 The cream on my hand (sorry for blurry pic)
f. Coverage :
- medium
- can cover the redness on my skin
- correcting the dullness on my skin complexion
- helps to lessen the appearance of my big pores
- cover my blemishes
- enough to hide my dark circle
- The coverage is better than Lioele Water Drop BB Cream which I already reviewed in HERE.

(Sorry for the bad camera)
See that actually the shade is lighter than my actual skin tone.

The bb cream finish on my skin.
(I'm sorry for the low resolution pic, the lighting is quite poor)
This is how it looks when Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream blended to my skin. See that it can cover my blemishes, and reduce the appearance of my pores.
I was at bad skin condition when I captured this photo, acne and dehydrated flaky skin. So u can see that my big pores and bad skin texture are not fully covered by this bb cream.

g. Moisture level :
- not the moist type, dry skin may find it not enough moisture

h. Skin Type Target :
All skin types, especially normal, combination and oily skin

i. Finish :
- semi matte, a bit porcelain-like imo
Actually I quite like the first look of the finish on my face.The good thing that it did not oxidize on my skin. It's also not easily transfered compared to Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit.

j. Feeling on skin :
- maybe a bit thick some people opinion but I’m fine by it
- not as lightweight as Lioele Water Drop that I already reviewed in HERE
- non sticky, non greasy, not rich

k. Sun Protection : SPF 30 / PA ++

l. Blending capability :
- I find it hard to spreaded evenly. I tried using my finger and brush.
I find etude bb cream is easier to spread evenly
- quick dry so I have to hurry

m. Staying power :
- Long lasting up to 5 hour in my oily-combi skin
Compared to Lioele Water Drop BB Cream, this one has better staying power.
- sweat resistant
- almost non-transfer

n. Oil control : good. I blot after 2,5 – 3 hours depends on the condition

o. Scent :
- has floral scent
- the scent soon will disappear after application

p. Skincare Benefits :
- Protect my skin from darkening
- Soften my skin

q. My Take  :

What I like :
- non sticky
- Water based
- give me semi matte finish
- non comedogenic
- did not clog my pores
- good coverage
- not easily transferring
- did not oxidize

What I dislike :
- only available in 1 shade
- Preservatives, fragrance
- difficult to blend it, even using brush
- tends to be cakey on the midday when the weather is hot and my face sweats and starts to be oily
- the complexion tends to be uneven when my face starts to be oily

Repurchase? Not sure, actually this is a good product, but I prefer BB Cream which is easy to spread, not cakey, and can stay evenly when my face starts to be oily or sweat.

Who may like it :
- normal-combination skin
- don’t mind preservatives, perfume
- Want a medium cover
- Have fair skin that matches the shade

Who may not like it :
- Super Dry Skin
- want stronger SPF
- don’t like the scent
- don’t like preservatives, fragrance in the product

I did not build coverage when using this bb cream. Too much building coverage would look too white.
One sachet is enough for 4 times usage in my case. I have 3 sachets and I’ve been using this product about one week.

Lioele BB Cream Chart. Pic taken randomly from Google.

What do u think? Have u tried Lioele BB Cream before? I’d like to hear your opinion^^


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nice product :)

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Penulis Amatir said...

Yes, actually it is a nice product, but I prefer Etude more than this.
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