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Etude Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF 50+/ PA +++ (Part I)

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In this post I’m gonna share my first impression with one of products from my previous wishlist post in HERE.
It’s :

Etude Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF 50+/ PA +++

This is the box
Sorry about my bad quality camera

Please click my previous wishlist post HERE to know what this product claimed to be.

Information on the Carton Box

I open the carton box and scan it. Sorry because the carton box is already crumpled and a bit dirty.

 U can click and zoom it to see the details

I’m gonna make it quick. So I write this post using ‘point by point’ format.
a. Price : 185.000 (including delivery cost Rp. 5000)
I bought it at Bells Etude House last week. Actually there are Online Shops that sell it in cheaper price. But most of them are out of stock so I picked from this one.
I have checked the price in the official Etude Counter in Matahari, Grand City and Centro. This product is labeled Rp. 458.000. Wow! U can shout if u like. The price is almost triple the deal we can get via Online Shop.

The cute tube^^
b. Packaging
The amount is 35 gr in a plastic tube with sponge applicator inside the cap. The size and shape is quite travel friendly. Don’t worry it’s gonna spill out, because it has safety cap which blocks the tube hole when closed.
It has similar logo as other Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream. The packaging is cute as usual. It has stars printed around product label.

c. Shade : W15 (Sand Beige), It’s the darkest among 3.
I usually use shade W24 Honey Beige in Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit. But unlike the Bright Fit one, this varian is only available in 3 shades. 
I found the shade is like yellowish beige. My skin is not the fair one. Actually this shade is little bit too light for me but it still can blend well as long as I don't layer it too much. Too much layers will be too 'white' for me.

d. Coverage, Texture and Formula :
Medium, enough to cover redness, moderate acne blemishes and broken capillars on my skin. Also can reduce the appearance of my giant pores.
But for some dark spots, it’s better to add some concealer. The coverage is buildable. I suggest u to use the sponge if u want to add more coverage. It manages to cover my medium dark circles too.

The texture and scent is similar to Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit, with no glowy style  of course. It’s feel is pretty light on skin.
The formula is water based, non-oily, non-greasy. Not the moist type too.

Picture above is my bare skin

This is the finish look. I zoom the image.
I'm really sorry for the bad lighting and my low res camera.
See how this Sun BB Cream reduces the appearance of my big pores.

e. Blendability :
One of the plus points for this product is it has sponge in it. It’s pretty hygienic I guess. We don’t have to touch the product with our hand. We could just squeeze the right amount and apply it with the sponge.
This BB Cream is easy to blend and did not need a lot of time to dry and settle on our skin.
I found that it is easier to spread this bb cream evenly using sponge included than by finger. The result is smoother.
The coverage is buildable. I suggest u to use sponge to build the coverage. I tried to build the coverage with finger and with sponge. The finish result using sponge is better.

f. Finish :
I would call it as semi matte finish. Quite nice for me since my skin is oily-combination (more into oily type) and I like matte finish. It freshens up my complexion and did not look ‘heavy’ on my face.
It has little cooling sensation a while after I applied it. Although the cooling sensation is not as good as Nature Republic Snail 50 BB Cream SPF 30 which I already reviewed in HERE.

g. Oil Control :
Compared to Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit, this one definitely has better oil control. I have to blot after 4 hours on my T-Zone and area near it. The amount of excessed oil in blotting paper is not as much as when I used The Etude BB Cream Bright Fit one. The oil control is superb.
It makes sense because Etude BB Cream Bright Fit is more targeting for Dry – Normal Skin. While this one can really suit even for the super oily skin. But I think all skin types can use it, since this Sun BB Cream also has hydrating/ moisturizing properties.

h. Staying Power :
It’s waterproof, mean that It’s also sweat proof. I have tried to splash my face with water and it’s not washed away.
It’s almost non-transfer. Unlike Etude BB Cream Bright Fit which is transferred easily on my head scarf and phone.
I applied it on 07.45 in the morning and at 4 o’clock I looked in the mirror. It still on with decent coverage, although there was some noticeable coverage reduction on my nose.
But I guess it’s good enough. My skin is pretty oily. Most of make up would not last long on my face. But this one manages to stay up to 6 hours on my skin.
It did not oxidize. It’s also not cakey after midday. My face may looks dewy after 4 hours using it.

i. Skin Tolerance
It contains Isopropyl Myristate in the top 4 ingredient. Well, it’s not my fave ingredient at all. This ingredient has potential to clog the pores.
Looking at the ingredients list, this Sun BB Cream has higher potential in clogging pores than Etude BB Cream Bright Fit. I compared their ingredient list and found that they’re different. Etude BB Cream Bright Fit did not have Isopropyl Myristate among top ingredients.
When I first using it, my skin is in sensitive mode and I have 3 acnes on my face. I built some coverage and then went outdoor. I felt tiny bit ‘stinging’ on some sensitive parts of my face such as  my cheeks near nose. But it soon faded away. When I came home after wearing this BB Cream for a day, I saw the bumps on my face became more noticeable.
Well, if u’re having acne or sensitive skin problem, I suggest u, don’t use this product every day or too often. If u have recovered from ur acne and ur skin back to normal then u can use it as often as u like.
Every people has different skin condition. This is my experience, it may be different with urs.

j. Conclusions from my first impression
Pros :
- High Sun Protection (SPF 50+/ PA +++)
- Felt light on skin
- easy to spread
- Travel friendly packaging
- included nice sponge applicator
- Waterproof and long lasting formula
- Has whitening and anti-wrinkle properties
- Has cooling sensation
- No Parabens
- not oxidize on me
- not cakey even when I sweat and my face gets oily on the midday

Cons :
- Isopropyl Myristate as top 4 ingredient
- have to buy via online coz the price in the official Etude counter here (Indonesia) is ridiculously expensive
- does not suit people with troubled skin or those whose skin is on sensitive mode

Who may like it :
- Normal, Oily, and combination skin
- Looking for high sun protection
- Like matte finish
- Find the suitable shade among the 3 available
- Need sheer to medium coverage
- Looking for whitening product
- Looking for good oil control
- Looking for waterproof and long lasting coverage
- Looking for something with cooling sensation

Who may not like this :
- Super dry skin who looks for moist and rich product
- Want dewy or shimmering finish
- Doesn’t find the shade that can fit among the 3 available
- Have acne/ trouble skin or whose skin is in sensitive mode

Overall, in this first experience, I think it’s a good product. A Super BB Cream with many benefits in it.
Well, this is just my first impression, I’ll write the review when I have tested it maybe at least 1, 2 months or more to make sure. U guys have any question or opinion? Have u ever tried it?
Remember that I always love comments^^

It looks like, in my future posts, I’ll be often using this ‘point by point’ format in my review rather than ‘paragraph’ format. Looks better in term of order I guess and more effective too. What do u think?
Maybe u have any other suggestions for me about how I suppose to write a better review?
Well, let me know then^^


SHAYU said...

thank you for the review ^^
which skin tone(like mac's shades~) do you think the w24 and the w15 will suit? :D

Shasha said...

thanks for the review! it is very clear and detail :)

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello, thank u for visiting here.
W24 is the darkest shade among all etude bb cream varian. I think it will suit people among the range mac NC 25 - 35. I'm not sure, since I'm not MAC user. But if u are NC 25 or fairer, u should pick lighter shade.

W15 is about one tone lighter than W24.

@Shasha : thank u for ur compliment. Actually I feel shame to blog without having some decent camera. My pics quality is poor.
But still I want to post reviews :)

Vani Sagita said...

I tag you on my latest post, dear..


Penulis Amatir said...

Hello, Vani, thank u for tagging me.
I'll post the award as soon as I can.
I'll let u know

Dini Setiyorini said...

Yuhuu, selamat kamu dapet A Liebster Blog Award dariku! Semoga berkenan.^^

Langsung cek kesini ya :

Anonymous said...

ah, the only problem when I use this bb cream is, the shade that hard to suit with my skin, Natural beige seems too dark for me, but the light beige looks too bright for me -__-
also the oil control that I think is worst :(