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BB Cream Review : Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream

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Long time no post... I'm sorry, I'm this such a random person who can't be scheduled. I only blog whenever my mood is on ^^' he he...
This already June and I haven't posted about beauty product I used, oh my >.<''

OK, Now this day I'm gonna do review a product that I should have posted it long long months ago. Yes, u bet, because I had been owning it for months. Of course I switched the usage many times with my other bb cream I owned. But this one had been such a nice experience for me. Let me tell u why, keep reading :)

The tube I owned was the part of Lioele set that I mentioned earlier in HERE.

Scent : flowery, soft, soon dissappear after applied

Here is my flattened tube
Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream 5 ml

Where I bought : Grand City Mall Surabaya

This product is one of the famous bb cream from Lioele and part of the Miniature Set. I read many good reviews out there before purchasing this item.

Description from box:

After skincare done, apply proper amount on the face, and spread evenly.



Packaging : Cute and nice quality plastic tube, easy to control the amount of product we want to get.

Shade : only 1, natural baige.

Consistency : cream type, a bit thick, but not the rich kind one, easy to spread, quick dry so u have to blend it quickly. Take a little time to adjust to skin tone. But I gotta remind u, this is not gonna suit with dark skin tone.
I'm not the fair one. Say, I'm between medium yellow and light brown, and this shade actually bit too 'light' for me. Luckily, after applied this cream kinda adjusting to the color near to my skin tone. Although it's not entirely into the same as my natural skin color, but it's still ok for me.

Coverage :
- medium
- can cover the redness on my skin
- correcting the dullness on my skin complexion
- helps to lessen the appearance of my big pores
- cover my blemishes
- enough to hide my dark circle

This is the color when applied (had not blended yet)
It only has one shade that is Natural Beige
Sorry for my poor pics, and the poor lighting
These pics may look little darker than the real >.<

 Finish with sheer loose powder

 Without using any powder
Maybe some of my pores still can be seen but it does cover well (considering I really have quite problem with big pores)

Moisture level :
- not the moist/ rich type but quite hydrating for oily combination skin like me

Skin Type Target :
All skin types

Finish :
- semi matte, no shimmer

Feeling on skin :
- maybe a bit thick some people opinion but I’m fine by it
- not as lightweight as Lioele Water Drop that I already reviewed in HERE
- non sticky, non greasy, not rich
- easy to applied and set on skin
- soften the texture and smoothen the appearance of my skin

Sun Protection : No SPF mentioned in this product so it’s better to apply sunblock/sunscreen first.

Blending capability :
- easy to spread
- quick dry so I have to hurry

Staying power :
- Good
  Compared to Lioele Water Drop BB Cream, this one has better staying power.
  But I have one note, blot properly when face starts to oil up to keep ur look stays nice.
- sweat resistant
- not oxidize, not cakey (as long as u don't put way too much)
- not easily transferring to clothes and cell phone

Oil control : good.

Scent :
- has floral scent
- the scent soon will disappear after application

Skincare Benefits :
- help to soften the skin
- moisturizing but not greasy, even for oily- combi skin like mine
- helps to even out my skin tone

Hey, guess what.. My mother loves it too^^ I ended up giving half of the tube to her. She has dry mature aged skin and she likes it very much. She would like to buy one someday when her stock of foundations runs out.


So let's make resume, shall we^^

What I like :
- non sticky
- Water based
- give me semi matte finish
- non comedogenic
- did not clog my pores
- moisturize my oily combi skin well
- soft scent
- easy to spread evenly
- not cakey
- long lasting (as long as u blot properly when ur face starts to be oily)

What I dislike :
- only available in 1 shade
- Preservatives, fragrance

Repurchase? Not sure, actually this is a good product, but I prefer BB Cream with high SPF and PA, minimal 30, so I don’t have to worry to go outdoor. 
But maybe I'll buy it again when Lioele sells it in a discount price, he he.. :) 
However I'm not gonna buy any bb cream soon now, considering right in front of me, I still have another bb cream waiting to be finished :)

Who may like it :
- normal- combination skin
- don’t need a lot of coverage
- don’t mind preservatives, perfume
- Want a medium cover

Who may not like it :
- Super Dry Skin (may need more moisture care than what this product has)
- want strong SPF
- don’t like the scent
- don’t like preservatives, fragrance in the product

Among 3 Lioele BB Cream I ever tried, this is the most I like. This one is the most easier to spread, the best coverage, and lasting finish, compared to Lioele Triple Solution and the waterdrop one. This is the one I may likely to have again.

What do u think? Have u tried Lioele BB Cream before? I’d like to hear your opinion^^

------------- Personal rambling^^ skip it if u want
Btw gals, I currently watching 'Desperate Housewives', I just knew several weeks ago that it had reached the end of season 8. Oh, well, it's been long time I did not update my info, he he... And I only ever watched season 1, now I'm onto season 2.
Actually, I've been a TV series addict since last year. Heroes, Lie To Me, Gossip Girl, Person unknown, Sherlock, Nikita... and some more ^^
If a are TV series addict too, maybe u can recommend me some interesting series I may haven't know :)

About book, for u Indonesian readers, I recently read 'Shitlicious' by Alitt Susanto and it is very entertaining and funny. Even it has some touching stories in the end of the book. Have u read it too? I recommend it, most of the stories are funny :)
If u have any recommendation for some fun and entertaining reading, I would like to know^^

Have a nice day, lovelies :)


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Nice review !
can I request a review for Revlon bb cream ? I haven't found any Indonesian reviewer of it T.T

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Hi, Elena
I haven't seen Revlon BB Cream around where I live. I would like to try it someday if it is available in my city.
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