Thursday, 27 June 2013

Primer Review : Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base (Pink)

Hi, Gals

24 hours a day sometimes felt not enough if we have a lot to do. Since I've been pretty busy this day then I make this one as a quick review.
I would like to tell u my opinion about Lioele Blooming Shimmer Base that I recently use. I have nice experience while using it. The formula is easy to blend. I usually put it before applying my bb cream.
This product is part of Lioele Miniature Set that I have mentioned earlier in HERE.

This is the tube

Oh yes, actually u can mix it together with ur fave foundie, tinted moisturizer or bb cream , the ratio is 1 base: 3 foundie, or u may add more up to ur desire. But I my self never mixed it, just apply before foundie to get the healthy glow from it.

Texture : pink shimmering cream, dry textured

The formula does not take long time to settle on skin. It does have scent but not overpowering and soon will fade away after application.

This is some guide on how to use the product.
Click to enlarge the image.
I took this pic randomly from Google, so the credit goes as what written in watermark.

Ingredient list

I have to warn u whose skin is in trouble. Don’t use it if ur skin in the acne sensitive mode, because this may aggravate ur problem.

This is the color of the cream

Okay, below are my take on this product.

What I like :
- soft shimmer and pink color gives healthy glow for my complexion
- makes foundation or bb cream stays longer
- easy to blend
- makes foundation or bb cream appears smoother
- not heavy on skin
- soft scent

What I dislike :
- preservatives
- does not suit skin in acne prone mode
- can’t be used on troubled skin

Who I think may like it :
- dry – normal skin
- like glowy/ shimmer look
- not acne prone

Who may not ike it :
- don’t like shimmer base
- want rich primer
- want full pore cover primer (this one is for shimmer, Lioele has another one specified for pore covering)

Repurchase? Maybe.

U guys have favorite base/ primer? Tell me what primer u use, I’d like to know : )


Gellie Zelle said...

Ooh. I opnly tried their chubby lipstick. :) I want to try their bb creams. :) Great review!

BTW, i'm currently hosting a giveaway on my blog. Hope you join!

Queen D said...

Hi, Gellie
Lioele has good quality bb creams too, maybe u should at least grab their samples to see if u like it :)
ok, I'll visit ur blog
thank u for informing me about ur giveaway

Janet said...

I think I'll probably skip this as it would make my skin more oily >_<~

Queen D said...

Hello, Janet
Yes, guess this primer would suit best for dry - normal skin.
Mine is combination- oily, sometimes tends to be drier, so I still could tolerate it :)
if u dont like glowy look, skip it. Lioele has another primer which matte kind of type