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Hi, pretty fellas
Now I'll continue the review I made before. This is the part II of review about Nature Republic Green Tea 70 Toner.

It was my intention in the first place to split this review into 2 parts. Because it's gonna be long dragging article if I made it into one post.

The SA said that this toner is suitable for all skin type especially dry and sensitive skin.

I took this pic randomly from google

I tested this product on 2 people. First, my self and then my mother. Now I'm gonna describe the skin profile of each of us when using this product.

a. My skin profile : 
Age :  25+
Skin type : Oily- Combination.
Description : Very oily on the T-zone area and (sometimes) a bit dry on the side of my cheeks. My skin is categorized as sensitive. Sometimes it gets acne prone too. I have problem with black/whiteheads. Allergic to mineral oil and other high potential of pore clogging ingredients.
Other concerns : dull skin, uneven skin tone, sun darkening, blemishes, post acne scars, broken capillaries, redness, dehydrated and bit flaky on the cheek area, big pores.

b. My Mother skin profile :
Age : 54
Skin type : Dry- Normal.
Description : Mature skin, aging signs. Sometimes a bit oily in the T-Zone. Not sensitive. Not allergic to mineral oil. Does not have black/whiteheads problem.
Other concerns : skin darkening, freckles, dry and dehydrated skin, lack of moisture, big pores, pigmentation, wrinkles, age spots, broken capillaries, dullness.

Now, I'll tell the result and experience of each of us one by one.

a. My Story with this toner
I only keep this toner about 2 weeks before finally gave this up to my mom.
This toner made my face looked little brightened, hydrated and cleared after application, that's the good side. But my skin was at bit sensitive and acne prone mode when I used it. It triggered little pimples on my face. It also made my existing acnes became more 'bumping'. I ceased the use for two days until my skin back to normal and then I used again. The same thing repeated, 2 little zits appeared. I ceased the use again for 3 days and try it again. I kept trying until several times but seems like I always ended up having zits on my face.

Another thing I don't like is the smell. Sometimes it made my little dizzy.
This toner is not cleansing toner, so don't use it as one.
U must use this toner on perfectly clean face.

I don't experienced additional redness with this product. This toner supposedly calm my skin.
But well, it's not for me.

b. My Mom's Story with this toner
She's been using this product almost 2 months until now. All her skincare routine are same, except for the toner. She usually use this toner after washing her face in the morning, in the midday, and in the evening. She always apply it on her face and neck. Sometimes she apply it using cotton, but most of the time she just use her palm and fingers to apply the toner on her skin.
I noticed visible brightening on her skin. Her freckless and wrinkles also less shown. Seems like this toner helps to hold moisture on her skin. 
My mom's skin felt more supple, hydrated/moisturized and softer after using it.
I see that her skin looks cleared and calmed too. Her broken capillaries are less obvious than before.
This toner may not really reduce her age spots but at least her skin looks clearer, brighter and healthy. This toner helps to get rid of dullness on her face. Her enlarged pores around her nose and cheeks seem to shrink too.

She has no complain about the smell. She still continue to use it until now (when this review being made).
Well, since this toner works wonder on my mother, I'm planning to buy her the green tea cream from the same line, hope Nature Republic hold discount promo on it, he he... *wishing 

This toner almost half of bottle used when this review being made.

Well, this is a good product but not for me. I would recommend this product for dry- normal skin which is not the sensitive type. I guess this toner is not for acne prone, sensitive, and super oily skin.

Well, dear, tell me what u think? Have u ever tried any product from Nature Republic Green Tea line?
Anything u can suggest me? 
Thank u for reading my post, Have a nice day, Lovelies ^^



dini setiyorini said...

So glad loh cocok di mamamu, brarti mungkin untuk kulit muda belia gak cocok, cos kelembabannya masih cukup *diih jadi sotoy deh saya* hhe

Penulis Amatir said...

He he yg jelas nda cocok buat acne prone ama kulit berminyak.
Iya, untungnya cocok di mamaku, jadinya ngga mubazir.
Emang lembab ini toner.
thank u for visiting me :)

makeuphall said...

WOW, I really love this review! I like how you tested it on two people to get natural results. Thankyou so much

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