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The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Rice Cleansing Water Review

Hi, there : )

Welcome February and I’m bouncing back from my review hiatus. This is my first post about beauty product review for this month.
Lately I’ve been so into rice thing. Rice that I often eat is also used in cosmetic because of its benefit on skin. Well, this time I want to tell u my experience with The Face Shop Rice Cleansing Water. Before purchasing this item, I heard that this product became one of star products of The Face Shop. Let’s give it a try, then : )
In my previous post, Miss Dini asked me about this product and I promised to write on my next post, in this post.

I bought it at The Face Shop official shop and it costs me IDR 145.000 for 150 ml. Yes, I know, for me, that it’s pricey for a cleanser considering that I usually use cleansing milk/ gel under IDR 100K, mostly are under IDR 50K.

The Face Shop SA said that I could have member card if I purchase IDR 500k in one time. The main benefit of the member is getting 10% discount every time I shop on their counter.
Will I plan to go for it? Well, I don’t know.

Pic 1
 This pic above is courtesy of The Face Shop

In the pic above, the pump is in closed position. The packaging is designed with pump so that it'll be convenient to dispense the product. But sadly, u can't turn the pump into closed position without having to dispense the product. Because if u want to put it into closed position, first u have to press down the pump and then turn the head of the pump based on the 'closed' direction arrow that is shown on the top side of it.
Oh, to be honest I hate this kind of pump, very very not travel friendly.
Most of the time I just leave the bottle pump in 'Open' mode coz I just too lazy to twist it close.

Pic 2
There are Close and Open Arrow Sign on the top of the pump head.
Sorry I could not clearly capture it with my mobile phone camera

Pic 3
This is the front view of the bottle when the pump is in 'Open' position.

Pic 4
This is the back of the bottle 
Sorry for the blurry pic. But don't worry I've written the ingredients list in here.
There are instruction in Korean, I don't know how to read it,
fortunately the ingredients list is translated to english.
Some of the letters on my bottle had peeled off. 
The letters are printed 'arise' from the bottle surface.

This is the Indonesian sticker label which is attached on the plastic wrap.
(The bottle is wrapped in plastic when u buy it)

The order in the ingredients list in this sticker is different than what is written on the bottle.

------------- Information on the bottle -------------

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright
Rice Cleansing Water
Natural Brightening Solution With Rice Water

Ingredients :

Ok, u can judge by urself about the ingredients list. It has alcohol in the second top. Yes, Korean cosmetics are known for their alcoholy formula and this one too. The alcohol smell is noticeable imo. And the alcohol feel on skin is noticeable too, I can feel it. But my skin can tolerate it so I just keep using it.
The SA said that it is for all skin types. I have Oily- combination skin and I’m okay with this.
The scent is considered a bit strong in my opinion. It my cause some people dizzy. Although the scent is the pleasing one. I think it’s mixture of jasmine, rice and alcohol smell.

I use it to dissolve my everyday make up that is consisting bb cream, loose powder/ twc, and sometimes blush on. It has reliable cleansing power. It also did not dry my skin.

Direction to use :
Dispense some amount into Facial Cotton Pad and then wipe ur entire face in outward and upward motions.

Texture : Milky white opaque lotion, semi watery, light consistency, water based.

Here are several pics from my phone cam
to explain the cleansing power of this product
Please forgive the poor lighting and low resolution pics
Pic 5
This is how the cleansing water looks like

Pic A Let's test it with some swatches
Right to Left :
1. Make Over Lip Liner in Lust Brown, I swipe it 2 times boldly
2. Sariayu Eye Brow Liner, I swipe it boldly 3 times
3. Nature Republic Bebe Mango Lip Concealer
4. La Tulipe Lipstick no. 24
5. Etude Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream W15

Pic B One swipe on half of the swatches line
I just swipe it in light motion. I did not rub hard.
U can see that the Lip Concealer and BB Cream are wiped, 
the La Tulipe lipstick is left in sheer color,
The Sariayu Eye Brow Liner seems to dissolve
The Make Over Lip Liner is wiped a little and shows sign of dissolving,
I'm not surprised since this lip liner is claimed can last for 8 hours.

Pic C Two Swipes
Half of  those make up seem to be wiped away.

Pic D Third Swipe
I wipe the rest of the make up. 
Just swipe it with standard motion and no need to rub hard.

 Pic E Almost done

Pic F Finish cleansing
In my take, this cleansing water has decent power to wipe away make up.
I did not have to rub hard on my skin while using it.

Order of usage :

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Water - - > The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Facial Foam - - > The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Toner/ Other Toner
The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Water - - > Cleansing Toner

This product has brightening claim on it. And I see that this cleansing water promotes skin brightening like what it’s claimed to be. My skin looks cleared, clean and slightly brightened after using this product. It helps to deal with dullness on my skin surface that may caused by dead skin cells and dirt that clogged my pores.

I’ve been using this product for about 1 month (the time this review posted). Mostly I use this in the evening after I arrive home from work. But sometimes I use it in the morning too, before taking bath.

1 bottle seems enough for about 2 months usage. It's been a month and I've finished half of the bottle.

Who may like it :
- who wants a brightening cleanser
- don’t mind the alcohol and fragrance
- Okay with the price tag
- The Face Shop is available near u

Who may not like it :
- Don’t want to use any product with brightening/ whitening properties
- Don’t like the alcohol and fragrance
- Find it pricey
- Find it hard to get on where u live
- Don't like the packaging, especially the weird  pump

Will I repurchase? I’m not sure, maybe I'll buy it again when The Face Shop put discount on it, ha ha... To be honest the price tag is quite expensive for my regular budget. The smell and the alcohol in second row in the ingredients list is something that I should consider about.

Are u using The Face Shop too? What’s ur fave items from this brand? Tell me ur opinion, I would like to know


dini setiyorini said...

Waah menjanjikan banget ya,apalagi bisa membantu mengurangi kekusaman pada wajah..waah bikin mupeng deh >_<

dini setiyorini said...

Oh iya, thanks a lot for review ^^

Penulis Amatir said...

Halo, Jeng Dini^^
Daya bersihnya sama brighteningnya lumayan lah di aq.
Kalau ngga keberatan ama alkohol ama bau wanginya, ya silakan dicoba he he...
thank u udah main2 ke sini

Janet said...

I've tried this and so far I'm loving it! ^_~

Penulis Amatir said...

Hello Janet
This is the first time I tried this product he he... Maybe I'll browse more in this brand.
Thank u for stopping by :)

Shasha said...

aku kemarin sempat mau ambil ini di counter tapi mbak spg-nya bilang ini lebih cocok buat yg kulitnya kering, jadi aku batal ambil hehehe.. nice review like always :)

Penulis Amatir said...

Halo, Sha
Hmm... kalau ngga salah, seri ini yang buat kulit kering tu yg varian Rice cleansing milk ama cleansing cream. Kalau yg cleansing water ini bisa buat semua jenis kulit.
Kulitku oily- combi. Dulu pas beli ini juga gara2 disaranin ama spg-nya, katanya yg ini formulanya lebih ringan kalo buat kulit berminyak.
He he mungkin tiap spg beda2 penjelasannya.
Thank u udah berkunjung ke sini ^^

Sofiyah Ikhlaashi said...

aku pake rice toner nya sis, enak banget, dan bikin wajahku lebih cerah, padahal cuma toner nya XD kulitku berminyak dan mudah jerawatan, tapi alhamdulillah cocok dan masih lanjut pake rice ceramide toner ini ^_^

Queen D said...

Sofiyah : wah kamu pakai juga ya, iya ini lumayan satu votol bisa lama abisnya

Jennifer cheetham said...

this product looks pretty nice! I'm always on the look out for brightening products, i've never seen a brightening water before! great review :)

please take a look at (and maybe follow :)) my blog: | UK beauty blog


Queen D said...

this is a good cleansing water, with brightening care, if u don't mind the alcohol n perfume in it
I'll visit u back, thank u

kimmy loo said...

Nice review, I did a review also~~ Check it out..