Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Etude Lip and Eye Remover Review

Hi, dear readers

It’s already 2014 and I still have many drafts I haven’t finished, ho ho lazy me… So I try to catch up as best as I can : )
Now, I’m gonna talk about Eye and Lip make up remover. Who use eye make up and lipstick often? I’m sure u have this kind of product on ur dressing table.

 It came with transparent plastic bottle, u can see the amount of product inside. I forgot it had seal or not when first purchase it.

Price : around IDR 128k, if I remember correctly.
Where I bought : Etude House Official counter in Lenmarc Mall.

Smell : like jasmine

How I use it :
1. Shake the bottle until 2 layer formula joined into one.
2. Put few drops on cotton pad .
3. Put the soaked cotton pad and hold it few seconds on the eye lid area to dissolve the eye shadow, mascara and others eye make up I use.
4. Wipe with gentle moves around eyes until clean.
5. Use dry cotton pad or tissue to wipe the remaining residue of the remover.
6. Take another soaked cotton pad and wipe lips area to remove lipstick, concealer and other make up I wear on it until clean.
7. Use dry cotton pad or tissue to wipe the remaining residue of the remover from ur lips area.

Ingredients list

My pros :
- Affordable if u purchase online
- did not dry my skin
- did not sting my eyes as long I don’t put it too much
- 1 bottle can go for a long way
- good performance
- nice scent although I prefer non perfumed
- water based
- did not clog my pores
- contains natural ingredients (plants)

My cons :
- fragrance
- has oily feel
- has potential irritants on the ingredients list (Preservative, etc)

Repurchase? I don’t think so. I want to look something with more gentle formula.