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Etude House Golden Ratio Contour Maker #02 Pink Review

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This time I would like to talk about face contouring product. I got this item as freebie because I shopped at Etude House when they had promo. I was told to choose the free gift, between this one and Etude Lipstick Lucidarling if I remember correctly. Actually I wanted some new lipstick at that time but the shades offered as free gift were very limited. There were 3 shades of free lipstick, one is something like pale peach, others are somewhat bubble gum and pale pink. All of them would suit best for fair skinned people who has no pigmentation and lines problem on the lips, but surely a disaster for me to use. So I took this Golden Ratio Contour Maker instead. Actually the color system is pretty tricky for my skin. I think it would suit best for people with fair or at least light yellow skinned. It would not work well on dark skin I guess… Well, my skin is more into tan than yellow, I still could use it, but it is tricky… Luckily I got pink one. The SA said that it was the last item for freebie stock. Actually It has 2 color system, pink like mine and orange. Ho ho I did not know what to do if I got the orange one >.<
I don’t know the exact price because I did not ask.

The front of the box

The back of the box contains Korean languange I don't understand

 The bottom of the case

When we opened the case, the pan is divided into 3 parts. Those are white highlighter, some pale peachy pink for blush (cheeks), and light brown for shading. The brown shading and white highlighter still fit it function for me, but the cheek blusher is way too pale for my skin. I could not use it for blusher, seriously. Except if I wear foundation or any coverage products that is lighter than my actual skin tone. So I mix it with my other pigmented blusher to use it. I think I could use it as eye shadow.

Each color contains shimmer. But don’t worry, the particles are soft and not too big, but just don’t use it too much or u’ll end up as disco ball, especially for the white highlighter.

The packaging is pretty nice, the plastic case is in good material, won’t easily damage or broken. I ever dropped it once or twice and it’s okay. It has nice mirror inside and they included a little brush inside. The brush is soft and the quality is good. It manages to pick up the product well. The brush itself is enough for daily application, but u must get rid of remaining particles before u switch the use to pick other color.
Etude almost never failed me in term of packaging issue.

Click to enlarge 

About the smell, I almost can’t notice any fragrance in it. When I smell it, my nose only felt the dust. I think it is not perfumed. Well it’s good for me, since I don’t like too much fragranced product on my face. 

The Ingredients List, Click to enlarge

The highlighter is quite pigmented, only need one swipe to get the highlighted look. The (brown) shading is rather soft, I need more than 2 swipes to get the color I desire. The blusher is very sheer to my opinion. The powder particles are easy to spread evenly.
Looking at the amount of the product provided, I think it can last for long way.

About the lasting performance, it could stay good for about 4 hours indoor on my oily combination skin. After 4 hours the contour effect seemed to decrease, and u have to touch up.

Guide How to contour face
Credit as mentioned on pic

Contouring is a magic way to turn chubby face like mine into something more V-line look : )

Pros :
- good packaging with mirror : )
- soft and good quality of brush included
- nice color and shimmer (except for the blusher which is too sheer and too pale for my skin)
- still wearable for daily use
- could go for long way

Cons :
- The 3 colors easy to get mixed together, because there is no separator
- The blusher is too sheer and the pink color does not suit my skin tone

Wanna purchase? No. It’s nice to get it for free, but if I have to buy contour product, I’ll choose another which has shades that really match my skin tone.

Overall, this is a good product, wearable for daily use (as long as u don’t use it too bold). It would be best to for fair skinned people.

So, girls, what’s ur fave contour maker?

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