Friday, 18 October 2013

ZA True White Plus Cream First Impression

Hello dear readers,

Sorry for the lack of update these days. My mind is quite occupied by many things I had to handle. Now I'm back writing again.
After satisfied by ZA True White Day Protector, I bought another product from the same line. It was ZA True White Plus Cream. I had searched for reviews and many of them said positive reaction about this cream. So, why don't I give it a shot? I thought that. So I went to ZA counter in Centro Galaxy Mall, I ever purchased ZA Vitamin Lips there and the SA was quite friendly. She said that this product is a night cream. Strange because the instructions both on the web and carton box refer to day and night usage.

ZA products that sold in Indonesia usually put the manufacture and exp. date in the sticker label contains indonesian version of product info. The cream I got has manuf. date 2010 and exp. date 2016. Now is 2013, yes it was manufactured 3 years ago >.< Well, quite a long preservation period for a skincare cream don't cha think? But I noticed most of ZA products including the day protector I currently using has long exp. Date. ZA True White Day Protector I'm using has 6 years preservation period too. It's longer period compared to what I could find on local and Korean brands (products).

The manufacture seal
Price IDR 180.000

Instructions on the sticker on bottom of the jar

The cap is easy to get dirty because of fingerprints

The Box

Instructions on the box

Ingredients List, manufacture date and exp. date

 The cream

Packaging :
It has white thick good quality plastic jar. It is quite sturdy, won't easily broken if u drop it. There is mirror on the top of the jar, but it's not flat standard mirror, it's kind of convex mirror (bahasa : kaca cembung). The box made with plastic like other ZA package box, of course it's more sturdy than carton box. I admire ZA for the secure packaging. There is a sticker seal that attached to the jar and the top cap.

This cream is a moisturizer which targets all skin types, especially who needs hydration. I have oily- combination skin which sometimes gets dehydrated.
On the first usage, I applied it after toner and before True White Day Protector. I was surprised because the texture is somewhat felt creamy rich when I applied on my skin. When I tried on my hand before purchasing, it looked like lightweight but the fact is different when put to face. I only use about one pea size for my face and neck area under my jaw, and it felt little greasy. I worked it with my fingers until the cream completely absorbed. And then I applied the day protector followed by powder.
Two hours later, I found that it really trieggered oil glands inside my skin. ZA True White Day Protector used to have decent oil control but not with this cream under it. 3-4 hours later, I looked in the mirror and surprised to found that my face became very oily and oxidized. Undoubtly this cream is the only suspect, because the other products I used was the same from before.

On the second day, I tried to use it as night cream. It did not cause clogged pores or whiteheads and it did not cause my face bathed with oil like when I apllied it on the day time. It soften my skin during night. But I somewhat noticed that my redness and broken capillaries became more visible. Well, I did not sure if it was purely because of this product.

On the day 3, I put this cream in the morning and then top it with True White day protector and Powder foundation after that I went outdoor. Yes, u bet, the powder foundation looked melt and cakey after 2 hours because my skin was producing more oil. And it oxidized on my face too.
(Oxidized in my case means that = it made my skin darker and oilier, and not looked fresh)

Finally I don't think this product is for me. It may be suitable for drier skin or normal skin than mine.
Somehow, it made my redness more visible and my skin became darkened and oilier when I used it. It supposed to be skin in lightening product, but I got skin darkening using it >.< Ughh... And I I had to stop using it. I tried to retrieve my skin color back to normal by using brightening mask and back to my previous lightening night cream and serum.

Ingredients Investigation :
Well, it's not me if I don't curious about wha' kind of ingredients list that made this product did not suit me.
I got my eyes into Limnathes meadowfoam seed oil. It is claimed to have many advantages including antioxidant and moisture preserve. But it has rich texture and waxy. I read that it is highly moisturizing for dry skin. Well, since this ingredient is among the top list, no wonder if this cream is too rich and greasy for me.
For ur info, my face skin is not welcome to the presence of some oil in a skincare, including mineral oil and any oil substances that is waxy or has high percentage in a product.
Ok, this maybe one of the culprits that caused greasiness on my skin. Other suspect is Behenyl alcohol among the top ingredients.

I was so mad, I did not think I could continue the usage of this product. Since it is rich and moisturizing, my mom may use it as hand cream, he he :D
Well, every skin could have different reaction, maybe it would suit those with dry- normal skin which is not sensitive.
I would not say that this is a bad product, my skin just too sensitive to accept it. It may work for others but not me.

What I Like :
- nice sturdy jar packaging
- moisturizing and soften skin
- little amount is enough for antire face and neck

What I don't like :
- the texture is too heavy for my skin type
- greasy
- made my skin oilier
- little expensive
- oxidize on my skin, made my skin darkened
- made the redness and my broken capillaries more visible
- preservatives
- fragrance

Repurchase? No.
Too bad for ZA this time. This product does not suit my skin. I like their other products such as vitamin lip, sun protector and concealer but not for this one. Now I'm struggling to retrieve my darkened skin tone back to normal, gotta put efforts into brightening care.

So, what do u think?

I took some brochure while I was in ZA counter. Just share with u. Actually I'm curious to try their bb cream. Have anyone tried ZA BB Cream? please share here.

Personal updates^^ :
Currently I'm so crazy about Korean Dramas. It's been more than a year since I watched them. On the previous year I finished watching 2 of Rain's Kdrama. Month ago some friend recommended me to watch  Gentlemans Dignity and I've finished now. It was both funny and melancholic :)
I continue to download and watch Faith (2012). I was mesmerized by the lead actor, he's so damn cute and has a really breathtaking lips shape >.<  then I searched for the info. I remembered seeing his name on Etude House ads. Yes, how could I not noticed, he was Lee Min Ho :D He was one of Etude House Brand Ambassador in 2009 :)
His character in Faith is reallyyy amazed me >.< so cold but soo cute, innocent but aggresive, so honest but straightforward. I also collected another dramas such as City Hunter, Arang and The Magistrate, The Moon that Embraces The Sun, Dong Yi and the latest Lee Min Ho Kdrama, The Heirs :)

Do u like Korean Drama too? What's ur fave ones? Any suggestions for me?


N.Munira J said...

Hello, there! Nice review! Though I'm sorry to hear that this product doesn't rise up to your expectation. Which is why I love Korean beauty products. I could always try the sample before purchasing the full size.
You mentioned my top korean drama there! Love all of them especially That Moon is Embracing the Sun. Kim So Hyun is definitely my favourite K-Actor after Park Yoo Chun. I love him in Dream High as well.
Anyway, do check out my blog ans say hi! It's always interesting to interact with other beauty blogger cause I'm still a newbie and would love to meet more experienced ones like yourself.

Have a nice day!

Queen D said...

Thank u for visiting here. Yes too bad I had not so good experience with this product. I'll be more careful next time.
So u like korean drama too :)
btw I'm also newbie n still has many things to learn