Thursday, 20 December 2012

My December Wishlist : Etude House

Hello Dear Readers, hope u all fine and stay pretty
Today I'm not gonna post about review. I just want to write about my wishlist he he...
Everyone seems to have their own wishlist on this december, with the christmas and new year coming around. And me too... I have products I want to have.
If u've been following my blog alot. U must know that I am a fan of Korean Brand : Etude House.

Well, as my knowledge about beauty and skincare is increasing. Now, If I think about getting on outdoor picnic, there are several things come into my mind.
Holiday means outdoor activities. Playing under the sun.
That means I need something with :
- high SPF
- long lasting protection
- sweatproof finish
- natural look
- long lasting formula
And I need to look fresh all the day with no much time to touch up. I need something to prevent me from skin darkening and cool my skin too.

And these are in my wishlist, hope I can save enough money to buy them all, he he...
I'm gonna spam u with commercial pics^^

1. Etude Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF 50 / PA +++

Pic 1

 Click the pic if u want to zoom it.

Pic 2

Now u see why I want it :)
 Pic 3

This is the shade I want, Sand Beige W15 .
I'm not fair skinned. Now I use Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF 30/PA++ in Honey Beige W24 and the shade suits me. I think this shade is the closer one since Natural Beige W13 seems too light for me. How do I know? because Via made the review in HERE, and I read Ceecile/ Priscilla Clara post in HERE. Their skin fairer than I am. So I can't be using the same shade preference as them.

2. Etude Precious Mineral Sun BB Finish Powder SPF15 /PA++

I took this pic from ebay. See why I want it :)

3. Etude Precious Mineral Sun BB Pact SPF 50 / PA +++

4. Goodbye Pore Ever Primer

Covers big pores and helps make up staying longer. Sounds great to me :)
Shasa reviewed it in HERE.

5. Etude Moistfull White

U can see the article in here :

Taken from the link above.

Click to enlarge.
This is scanned brochure I got from Etude counter.

I want to try this line :)
I have blemishes on my face and I want to cure my skin.

This is my most wanted item from the line. 
The second is the eye roll on.

Too much in wishlist, eh... :) Hope I can buy them all since I'm really curious to try those products.
What do u think? I want to know ur opinion. Any suggestion u want to recommend to me?
I welcome every comment^^
Ok, guess this is enough with all those commercial pic spams he he... I'm sleepy already. 
Good night, everyone...


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